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Feb 3: Music Test Selections for 2018 are expected to be announced mid to late February.




October 2017

Thank you to all bands that competed in our contests this year and we look forward to seeing you all again next year. We have a fair few technology changes just about ready to implement for 2018 so we hope that you will provide constructive feedback on these updates as and when they are released.

The first change that we will be completing will be a makeover of this page. Over the course of the next couple of months, this page will be split into 2 updated webpages – one for the Solos Championships and one for Band Championships.  Each page will become our main source of providing information about the contests. Given the positive feedback with using an online entry form for the Band Championships, this has been extended to the Solos as well.

Test selections for 2018 will be released in early February and we are working on finalising dates and venues for the 2018 contests. We will make an announcement once they are in place.

Look out for some exciting changes to occur in 2018!!
Please see below a couple of useful links in 2018

Results as they are anounced:
Band contest progress ( near real time ):