How To Register with BANSW



The yearly registration cycle begins on the 1st of October each year and registrations are due by February. You can add players until 6 weeks before any contest National or State . From January 2017, Annual Registration fees are currently $12.50 including GST per player with a minimum of $125.00 The registrar will send out sign on sheets to currently registered bands during October each year but would encourage band secretaries to nominate players for renewal on the B.A.N.S.W. website under the Band Login page. New members need to fill out a registration voucher

Registration money is used to run the Association office, buy equipment, pay insurance and sometimes to subsidise workshops and Solo Contests. Click Here to download a PDF of the Player Registration Voucher. Click Here to download a Summary of Registrations Secretaries – Click Here to go to Band Login and nominate any players you wish to renew.


Bands wishing to join the Association

Click Here to download/print off an application form to apply for Membership and be eligible for our Band Liability Insurance Scheme
Fill out the application form and a voucher for each player and send them to the BANSW PO box ( and or ) scan in the finished paperwork and email it to A Band can register just one player for the minimum fee of $125.00

School Representative Band

A school student may register with his school, community band and with a school representative band run by the department of education. School representive bands are seen as a community band but with a fixed registration fee of $300 (incl GST).


It is easy to register your students so they can compete in NBCA National and BANSW State Title contests for:

  • Under 13 Concert Bands
  • Soloists, duets, quartets and ensembles
  • Junior Brass and Concert Bands
  • Open Grade Brass and Concert Bands

From 2 December 2017, Registration fees for School Bands will be $150pa

  1. Download or request an electronic version of the registration Spreadsheet from
  2. Add names of students and school band conductors and return a soft copy of the spreadsheet by email to BANSW
  3. Print a hard copy, which the school Principal is asked to sign as a declaration – no other signatures (ie players, conductors etc) are required. Post to BANSW along with your cheque/direct deposit (invoice available on request if required).
  4. Players and conductors must be registered at least six weeks before a contest.
  5. Please address any inquiries to – The Secretary Band Association of NSW Inc. Phone (02) 8501 2526