In 2018 the Association will be working towards hosting a number of masterclasses/workshops.  Please check here regularly for any updates.

There will be a Percussion masterclass held for Juvenile and Junior Percussion entrants to the NSW State Solo & Party Championships in June. The masterclasses will be run by the Percussion adjudicator and will involve feedback on performance, techniques and helpful advice.

A Secretary workshop will be held later in the year.  This workshop will be held not only in a Sydney location but will also travel to a country location/s depending on interest shown.  This workshop will work through the key points required of a secretary in a community band and a number of Management Committee members will be on hand to provide information and advice on the day.  A workbook will be provided to each participant.

Depending on interest from the community smaller masterclasses and workshops will be advertised that focus on small ensembles, individual instruments, conducting etc.  If you have an idea for a workshop or something that you would like for the Association to do please feel free to let us know.

Upcoming Conductor’s Workshop – July, 2018
Venue: Riverina Area
Check back soon for more details and to complete an expression of interest.

To all aspiring and new conductors;

We would like to congratulate and thank our workshop participants from our first two workshops held in the Blue Mountains and Gosford. We are in the planning stages of a third workshop that focusses on building a great rehearsal and then later on in the year we will be launching the next phase.  More details to come on this one.

BANSW would like to thank our facilitator, Eddie Claxton for putting together and running these workshops.  As a volunteer organisation, we can only hold these workshops if someone puts their hand up.  Eddie has done a wonderful job on this workshop and we couldn’t be more pleased. A bit of background information about Eddie can be found here.

The participants of the workshops came to us with varying degrees of experience and it was humbling to see those with more experience work with others who had little to no experience. What has become evident is that these workshops need to be based on how to have an effective rehearsal.  Once this is under control, the rest should fall into place.

The feedback provided by participants was greatly appreciated and will enable the Association to run this course again.The natural progression beyond this will be to hold extension workshops as experience grows. Ideally we will be looking at late 2018 for these workshops to commence.

Held over the course of a weekend, we will continue with the format of theory on the first day and then practical on the following day.

This information sheet will provide intended interested parties more information about the course.

This is an Association-run event so interested participants should be a member of an Association registered band.

If you would like to see more workshops, in particular small and large ensemble workshops, please get in contact with us.  We would like to organise workshops that interest the movement.