State Band Championships


Welcome to the NSW State Band Championships!

Please join us at the home of the NSW State Band Championships, the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (‘The Joan’), Penrith on the weekend of the 25 and 26 August, 2018.

Entries will be accepted from 28 April until the closing date of 29 June (no late entries will be accepted) via the Band Log In Portal for your band.  If you require assistance with your log in details, please email the Registrar –

Regular reminders will be sent by email, website and Facebook.

What’s New in 2018

As part of our aim to continually improve our premier event, this year will see some new approaches which we hope will add even more value to participation for all of our member bands.

All grades, with the exception of Open A and B Grade Brass will have 4 possible test selections for bands to choose as their Test Piece. This means that bands will have the ability to choose a preferred work for their grade thus giving bands the ability to better program their on stage performance.

The method of adjudicating is also being updated. We are currently setting up an adjudicator rubric and once established this information will be updated here.

We have also taken further steps to update the online entry form and you will now find it within the Band Log-In portal.  If you are a non-member Association band looking to enter our Championships for the first time, please contact the Contest Administrator for advice on how to enter.

The sign-on and declarations process will also change slightly as well. More details about this will be announced in due course.

Test Selections for each Grade

Note to bands: You are able to choose your major work performance from the test listing as well. If you are having issues with purchasing a copy of the work that you have chosen please contact us for assistance.

Open A Grade Brass

Title Composer Publisher
A Brussels Requieum Bert Appermont Beratio Music

Open B Grade Brass

Title Composer Publisher
Christ – Hymn Robert Redhead R. Smith & Co

Open C Grade Brass

Title Composer Publisher
Oregon Jacob de Haan De Haske Publications
The Prizewinners Philip Sparke R. Smith & Co
Seven Wonders Dwayne Bloomfield Dwayne Bloomfield
The Loaded Dog Graham Lloyd Graham Lloyd Music

Open D Grade Brass

Title Composer Publisher
The Journeyman Ray Steadman Allen Winwood Music
Chorale and Toccata (Chorale Only) Stephen Bulla De Haske Publications
Voices of Youth (Movements 1 & 2) Edward Gregson De Haske Publications
Prelude for a Festival Graham Lloyd Graham Lloyd Music

Junior A Grade Brass

Title Composer Publisher
Hollywood Goff Richards Obrasso
Glasshouse Sketches Barrie Gott Barrie Gott
Lake of the Moon Kevin Houben Scherzando
Seven Wonders Dwayne Bloomfield Dwayne Bloomfield

Junior B Grade Brass

Title Composer Publisher
Voices of Youth (Movements 1 & 2) Edward Gregson De Haske Publications
A Rural Suite (Any 2 Movements) Charles Woodhouse arr. Ball R. Smith & Co
Rufford Abbey Drake Rimmer Wright and Round
The Gladiator Hans Zimmer De Haske Publications

Junior C Grade Brass

Title Composer Publisher
Groovy Shade of Grey Graham Lloyd Graham Lloyd Music
Partita Edward Gregson R Smith & Co.
Little Suite for Brass No.1 Malcolm Arnold Novello
Kaleidoscope Stuart Johnson R Smith & Co.

Open A Grade Concert

Title Composer Publisher
Bacchus on Blue Ridge Joseph Horowitz Molenaar Edition
Land of Perpetual Ice Greg Butcher Greg Butcher
Praise Jerusalem Alfred Reed C.L. Barnhouse
Hammersmith Gustav Holst Boosey Hawkes

Open B Grade Concert

Title Composer Publisher
Second Suite in F Gustav Holst Boosey & Hawkes
Armenian Dances (Part 1) Alfred Reed Belwin Music
Variations on a Korean Folk Song John Barnes Chance Boosey & Hawkes
Dylans Song Matt Klohs Matt Klohs

Open C Grade Concert

Title Composer Publisher
Terpsichorean Dances Jodie Blackshaw Manhattan Beach Music
Fate of the Gods Steven Reineke C.L. Barnhouse
A Festival Prelude Alfred Reed Edward B Marks Musc
From Dawn To Dusk Graham Lloyd C.L. Barnhouse

Open D Grade Concert

Title Composer Publisher
Exuberance Adrian Hallam Thorp Music
Seagate Overture James Swearingen C.L. Barnhouse
Sun Dance Frank Ticheli Manhattan Beach Music
The Brave Brian Hogg Brolga Music

Junior A Grade Concert

Title Composer Publisher
Children’s March Percy Grainger (arr. Rogers) Southern Music
Journey to the Lion’s Castle Rossano Galante Associated Music Publishers
Godzilla Eats Las Vegas Eric Whitaker Hal Leonard
Orient Express Philip Sparke Studio Music

Junior B Grade Concert

Title Composer Publisher
Chorale and Shaker Dance John Zdechlik Neil A. Kjos Music
Above the Clouds Brendan Collins Brendan Collins
Symphonic Triptych James Curnow Hal Leonard
The Stone Guest Brian Hogg Brolga Music

Junior C Grade Concert

Title Composer Publisher
Iron & Ice: A Viking Adventure Randall D Standridge Grand Mesa Music
The Brave Brian Hogg Brolga Music
The Cave You Fear Michael Markowski Markowski Creative
Schaefer’s Old Time Dances Tim Ferrier Tim Ferrier

Junior D Grade Concert

Title Composer Publisher
Darklands Legends Randall D Standridge Grand Mesa Music
Let Us Rejoice Tim Rowland Hosenbugler Music
Space Quest Adrian Hallam Thorp Music
Lullaby For Band Robert W Smith C.L. Barnhouse

Gradings and Performance Time Limits

Below is a chart of the expected performance level of bands for each grade. In order to compete, all bands are graded.  if you are planning to enter into the Championships for the first time and are unsure of which grade your band needs to be, please contact the Secretary for assistance.

Open A Grade Brass and Concert Music Grade: 5+, Music Format: Hymn, Test, Own Choice
Open B Grade Brass and Concert Music Grade: 4+, Music Format: Hymn, Test, Own Choice
Open C Grade Brass and Concert Music Grade: 3+, Music Format: Hymn, Test, Own Choice
Open D Grade Brass and Concert Music Grade: 1.5+, Music Format: Hymn, Test, Concert Item
Junior A Grade Brass and Concert Music Grade: 4.5+, Music Format: Hymn, Test, Own Choice
Junior B Grade Brass and Concert Music Grade: 3.5+, Music Format: Hymn, Test, Own Choice
Junior C Grade Brass Music Grade: 1.5+, Music Format: Hymn, Test, Concert Item
Junior C Grade Concert Music Grade: 2.5+, Music Format: Hymn, Test, Own Choice
Junior D Grade Concert Music Grade: 1.5+, Music Format: Hymn, Test, Concert Item
Primary School Bands Division 1: Music Grade 3+ Music Format: 15 min. Own Choice music program
Primary School Bands Division 2: Music Grade 2+ Music Format: 15 min. Own Choice music program
Primary School Bands Division 3: Music Grade 1+ Music Format: 15 min. Own Choice music program
Non-Championship Schools Division: 20 Minute Own Choice music program
Non-Championship Open Division: 20 Minute Own Choice music Program

Time Limits for performances:

Application to perform a piece outside of the time limits should be made to the Contest Administrator at the time of submission of entry.

Time Limits for Own Choice items are:
All Grades:
Hymn 6 minutes
Own Choice Selection:
A Grade: 18 minutes
B Grade: 18 minutes
C Grade: 15 minutes
D Grade: 15 minutes
Open and Junior D Grade and Junior Brass Concert Item:  6 minutes

Adjudicating Rubric and Scoring

Adjudication Rubric:

To be updated

Points are awarded as follows:

  • Primary School events: An overall aggregate score out of 200 will be given only
  • For Junior D Grade Concert: Test out of 100, rest of program a total of 100
  • For All Other Grades: Test out of 100 points, Own Choice out of 100 points, Hymn or Concert Item out of 50 points
  • Non-Championships events – no points, only ‘Commended’ or ‘Highly Commended’

Adjudicators will be announced in due course

2018 Important Dates

  • Open Date for Entries: 28 April
  • Closing Date for Entries: 29 June
  • Registration of Players: 13 July
  • Submission of Scores: 13 July
  • Return of Perpetual Trophies: 13 July
  • Closure of Permit Applications: 10 August
  • On-stage seating plans for concert bands can be completed by visiting Once completed print to pdf and email to no later than Friday 10 August 2018. Brass bands should complete stage plan  provided.

Permit Forms are located on the Rules and Forms page located in the Resources tab.

NOTE: The percussion layout is outlined on the Stage Plan.  Larger percussion instrumentation is not allowed to be moved unless pre-approved. Bands should be reviewing the layout when rehearsing.

Submission of Scores

Scores will be required to be submitted to us by post to PO Box 550, Jannali NSW 2226. Prior to this, you must ensure that all bars are numbered and there are no identifying features of your band. Given that the test selection can be chosen by each band, please include the score for your test in the submission.

Unfortunately due to a technical glitch we have had to remove the option to upload scores through the band login portal.


Timetable of Events

The timetable will follow along the lines of 2017 (see below) with the exception of the Primary School grades will be scheduled on the Sunday morning rather than the afternoon.  As many bands can appreciate, we take a lot of time to try to factor in travel and personnel of the bands. Whilst a band may make a request of us with regards to scheduling, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate it although we will try our best. Bands with permits should review the schedule carefully once it has been released, and contact us if they believe a clash may occur.

We will endeavour to have the schedule available approx. 4 weeks prior to the Championships.

Draft Contest Schedule


Saturday – Richard Bonynge Concert Hall

All Open Concert Grades (A, B, C & D)
Evening – Open Brass and Concert Champion of Champions (Malcolm Boland foyer)

Sunday – Richard Bonynge Concert Hall

All Junior Concert Grades (A,B,C & D)

Saturday – Q Theatre

All Junior Brass Grades (one sitting)
Open A & B Grade Brass (two sittings)

Sunday – Q Theatre

Primary School Bands
Non-Championship Event
Open C & D Grade Brass (one sitting)

Primary School Bands

Primary School Brass/Concert band events may be held in three divisions depending on the number of Bands wishing to enter. School Bands should nominate the Division in which they wish to enter.

A review of all entries will be made and if required, a member of the Grading Sub-committee may attend a rehearsal or other performance to validate your division entry.

Non Championship Events

The Non-Championship event is designed to provide Bands who would like to participate in the NSW State Band Championships who either may not feel that the band is up to competing at a ‘Championship’ level, or may not be wholly comfortable with the pressures of the “Competition” aspect of the Championships.

These events give bands the opportunity to perform a 20 min Concert Program of their choosing in either a School Division or an Open Division. Points are not awarded but the adjudicator is asked to provide each band with a constructive adjudication (similar to that given in a Championship event). Each band entered is presented with a ‘Commended’ or ‘Highly Commended’ Certificate.

The Non-Championships events are run as close to a Championship event as possible and the registration components of the Association By-Laws and conditions of entry still apply.

The Non-Championship event is open to all bands registered with The Band Association but is intended for those who have not competed at the State Band Championships before to participate in the wider event and become a more active part of the banding community. It is also intended to provide bands who have not competed for a long period of time a softer path back into regular competition.

Sponsorship and Trade Stands

Sponsorships and Trade Stands are very important to us and we would like to thank Besson Buffet Crampon and the Penrith City Council for their continued sponsorship of the Championships. Besson has been a long-term supporter of the State Band Championships and their instruments are available through Sax and Woodwind…and Brass. We encourage you to check out their trade stand or visit their showroom in Camperdown.

Penrith City Council is a new, proud supporter of the NSW State Band Championships providing financial and marketing assistance to the Association. We are pleased that the Council recognises this important event and we look forward to working with them into the future.

If you are an advertiser wanting to be included in our program or wanting a trade stand, please contact Fiona Day ( who will be able to assist you with more information and costings.


For our friends and family members who can’t make it to the venue, the Championships will be Live Streamed by Tim Kelly and his team at

Tim and his team generously provide their time to do this service for our movement across Australia so please show your support and encourage all your friends, relatives and band supporters to watch.

Upon submission of the entry form to the Championships, it is taken that a band agrees to be included in the livestreaming. If your junior or school band does not wish to participate in the video livestream, a ‘opt out’ is available to you. Audio will continue for all bands regardless of the video opt-out option. All Open community bands will be video and audio livestreamed.

The livestreaming of this event has become an integral part of the Championships and all schools intending to compete should make parents/guardians aware of this. Individual members of school bands/junior bands will not be named during the livestream by

Fees and Tickets

Entry fees for bands are:

Open Grades $150.00
Junior & U13 Grades $120.00
Non-Championship Event $60.00

Payment of entry fees /request for an invoice must accompany all entries.  Entry fees must be paid via EFT to the below account or a cheque issued to The Band Association of NSW and posted to PO Box 550, Jannali NSW 2226.

Account Name: The Band Association of NSW
Bank: Nab, Miranda
BSB: 08-2367
Account Number: 03896-4016

Entry fees not paid prior to the start of the Championships may result in your band not being allowed to perform.



For audience admission:

Day Pass $15
Concession Day Pass $12
2 Day Pass  $25
2 Day Pass Concession $20
Programs $5

Admission for Band members as Audience is free providing Band Members are in their full Band uniform.

Purchase of tickets will be available from the BANSW Box Office located in the foyer to the Concert Hall only (not The Joan box office).

Please note: We are able to accept debit/credit card payments for admission.


There are a number of carparks around The Joan. Please be aware that should you choose to park in Westfield, this may attract a parking fee depending on how long you stay at the Championships.  There is free parking available in the council carpark next to the venue but this is timed at 1 to 2 hours on Saturday only. Other free untimed car parks in the area that are: Union Road – bounded by Worth St & Station St, and, further down on Union Rd towards Mulgoa Rd behind the car dealership.

Working with Children Check

As of the 31st March 2016, all bands competing at the Championships which are wholly made up of members under 19yrs old or where the Band is known as a Junior Band are required under NSW State Government Legislation to have a current WWCC for their Conductor and appropriate supervisors. The entry form must be completed with all the relevant information of at least one WWCC holder who will be present at the Championships to enable the Association to confirm that a licence is valid.  If the information is not supplied, your entry may be delayed.


Please note that it’s a condition of entry that there is to be no photography within the Concert Hall and the Q Theatre unless by prior approval of the Management Committee of the Band Association of NSW. Staff at The Joan may reserve the right to request anyone taking unauthorised photos to leave the contest. We intend to have an official photographer that will have access to all areas. Photos taken will be available to bands after the Championships on application.

Last and by no means the most important…….

The Rules: By-Laws and Conditions of Entry


All Bands entering the contest should make themselves familiar with the Band Association’s By-Laws relating to the conduct of contests.

If you have any questions about the By-Laws and condition of entry please contact either the Contest Administrator or Association Secretary.

Conditions of Entry:

  1. State Champion in all Grades or Divisions will be determined on the aggregate sum total points awarded for all items performed.
  2. A Sacred Item is defined as a hymn, hymn arrangement or a work of a similar nature which encourages a state of peace, reflection, celebration and meditation. Nominated sacred items will be reviewed by the Management Committee which has the right to accept or refuse any music submitted as a Sacred Item.
  3. A draw for the playing order will be made by the Management Committee prior to the contest and advised to bands upon completion.
  4. Open A and Open B Brass Grades and Junior A Grade Brass Bands will play their Test Selection and Sacred Item/Hymn first and return to the stage to play their Own Choice Selection. All other Brass and Concert Grades will play their items at one sitting.
  5. All bands must enter their official grade. Should a band choose to enter the grade above their official grade, application should be made to the Association prior to entries being received. A different Own Choice Selection and Sacred Item are required should a band choose to enter two grades and separate entry fees are payable.
  6. The NSW State Band Championships uses a standard percussion layout for the main percussion instruments for ALL onstage band events (refer to percussion/stage seating plan for further details). Large percussion equipment such as tympani, drum kit and tuned percussion will be set in fixed positions with only minor positioning adjustments to be made. All other percussion equipment can be moved around these items.  Exceptions will ONLY be made for large concert bands where stage space is at a premium or where a specific percussion layout is required by the score. This MUST be advised to the Contest Co-ordinator NO LATER THAN 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. Bands are advised to plan their rehearsal with the set percussion layout in mind.
  7. It is a condition of entry into the contest venue that the Band Association of NSW Inc. and members of the Management Committee, volunteers and any official will not be legally liable for 1) any loss, damage or theft of any instrument or other valuables of any member of the public while attending the Championships, or 2) any assault, illness, injury, death or any other circumstance that may arise during travel by any person to and from the contest venue or while in attendance at the Championships.
  8. The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to any person to the contest venue facilities. An official may request a person to leave a performance room and or the contest venue if their behaviour is considered inappropriate.
  9. In the event of improper behaviour, illness, injury or death the Management Committee reserves the right to call NSW Police, and or Ambulance to the venue.
  10. Any official, Volunteer or other person who witnesses, or becomes aware of, any act of bullying, sexual discrimination, harassment or physical assault will report the occurrence to the Contest Supervisor who will take appropriate action.