NSW State Solo & Party Championships



Everything that you need to know about the NSW State Solos and Party Championships is now found right here on this page.

Prior to completing an entry you should review the information on this page to ensure that you are aware of the terms and condition of entry.

The 2018 State Solo and Party Championships will be held at The McCaskill Music Centre, Barker College in Hornsby, just a short walk from Waitara railway station on the weekend of June 30-July 1. The closest school entrance to the Music School is on The Avenue off Unwin Road.

New for 2018:

The Junior and Juvenile grades have now been re-named as Under 19 and Under 15. Open grade will remain unchanged.

All adjudication recordings will be issued as online MP3 files. Each entrant will be given a slip with a link address to their recording by the Room Supervisor at the end of the performance. The recording will be made available within a few hours of event results being announced. If an entrant does not receive their slip at the time of performance, please speak with the room supervisor.

Entry to all events will only be accepted through completion of the online entry form unless prior arrangement has been made. An entry form must be completed for each individual (each form allows for multiple event entry). Entries will be accepted from 9 March and will close 4 May, 2018.

Information about the entry form:

  • A band secretary must complete a separate entry form for each entrant (selection of multiple events within the entry form is available). For 2019, we are looking to update the entry form so that it can be completed through the Band Log-In Portal similar to that of the Band Championships entry form which will be available soon
  • An email will be sent to the secretary upon completion of the entry form. Please note this is not a confirmation of entry.  Confirmation of entry will be issued to each band at a later date upon processing of all the entries received as per previous years
  • If a form is filled in incorrectly, please contact the Contest Administrator as soon as possible with the correct details, please do not re-submit the entry form for that entrant
  • Submissions will not be accepted through the online entry form after the closing date. Any request for a late entry should be submitted to the Contest Administrator
  • Fees for each event are listed further down this page, once all entries have been submitted, payment should be remitted either by EFT or cheque. If an invoice is required, please contact the Contest Administrator. For bands that may have a large amount of entries, we will be happy to tally the entries and issue an invoice to ensure that payment will cover all the entries received Please liaise with the Secretary is this is required
  • The Band Association of NSW Inc. or its representatives may decline an entry without giving a reason


  • All Junior Brass and Concert, All Open Concert and All Percussion events are own choice music. Competitors should provide a copy of their selection to the registrars with bar numbers marked and no identifying features at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. All events will have time limits as per the schedule of events. Open Brass events have set test pieces as per the event schedule.
  • Own Choice Music Events, Levels of music suggested, as a guideline, are as follows:
    Under 15 events – AMEB Grade 3 or better
    Under 19 events – AMEB Grade 5 or better
    Open events – AMEB Grade 6 or better

Test Selections for Open Brass Events

Instrument Test Piece Composer Publisher
Soprano Cornet Capriccio Philip Sparke R Smith & Co
Cornet The Debutante from The Best of Herbert L. Clarke Herbert L Clarke Carl Fischer 
Trumpet Chet the Jet  Charles Reskin  Editions BIM 
Flugel Horn Fantasie Caprice for Cornet and Piano Gabriel Pares Gerard Billaudot Editions
Tenor Horn Variations on a Welsh Theme  Peter Kneale  R Smith & Co
Tenor Trombone Concerto M’t 2 and 3 Alexander Arutiunian  Editions BIM 
Euphonium Diamond Concerto (number 3) mvt 1  Philip Sparke Anglo Music Press
Baritone Carnival of Venice Jean-Baptiste Arban Boosey and Hawkes
Bass Trombone Allegro Maestoso  Jan Koestier Editions Marc Reift
French Horn Introduction Andante and Allegro (start allegro) Gioacchino Rossini  Editions Choudens Paris
High Tuba Get Down Graham Lloyd Graham Lloyd Music
Low Tuba Andante and Allegro  Joseph Edouard Barat Carl Fischer 

Schedule of Events and Time Limits

The listing of events and times which also contains the day that each event is scheduled is located under the entry form. The timetable will be published approximately 4 weeks prior to the Championships.

Adjudicators and Accompanists

Accompanist details are listed in the Timetables of events.  We are pleased to welcome the following Accompanists –
Cheryl Oxley
Paul Young
David Kimpton
Lyn Morgan
Katherine Day

We also welcome our Adjudicators for the weekend –
Peter Walmsley OAM
John Buckley
David Mead
Eddie Claxton
Andy Yule

Entry Fees and Payment:

  • Solo Events (per event): $30
  • Percussion events: 1 event $30
    2 events within the same grade $45
    3 events within the same grade $55
    4 events within the same grade $60
  • Trophy Events and Duets: $30
  • Quartets and Ensembles: $40

If paying via EFT, payment should be remitted to the following bank account:
Name: Band Association of NSW
BSB: 082367
Account: 038964016

Please ensure that the band name is included in the transfer so that we can identify who the payment is from.
Cheque payments should be mailed to PO Box 550 Jannali NSW 2226, marked for the attention of the Contest Administrator

Refunds will only be issued in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Admission Tickets and Programs (no Pre-Sales):

  • Single Day Ticket: $10
  • 2 Day Ticket: $15
  • Concession Day Ticket: $8
  • Concession 2 Day Ticket: $12
  • Program: $5

Champion of Champions:  Winners of individual solo events in all grades are automatically invited to compete in the Champion of Champions event. The invite is presented to the winner at the time of results of their section.  If competing, the winner should notify the registrar shortly thereafter along with their music selection. If an entrant will compete using the same piece that they played in the solo event, they will need to collect their music from the Contest Office to give to the registrar.

The Open Champion of Champion event for both Brass and Concert will be contested at the State Band Championships in August on the Saturday evening.  The event may be livestreamed by Brassbanned.com.
Under 15 and Under 19 Champion of Champion events for both Brass and Concert will be contested on the Solos weekend.

Percussion Masterclass

At the conclusion of both the Under 15 and Under 19 percussion events, a masterclass will be held by the Adjudicator.  Depending on interest, we will look to hold an open percussion workshop that is open to non-competitors on June 30.  Look out for more information regarding this being sent to bands.

Equipment Supplied

Music stands will be supplied and warm up rooms will be available.
For Percussion events the following will be supplied: drum kit, snare drum, timpani, xylophone and glockenspiel. These will not be available for ensemble events. If a marimba or vibraphone is required, please advise the Contest Administrator at time of submission of entry so that it can be arranged for these items to be available.

For time limits on Own Choice Events please see the below link. Competitors should be aware of the time limit for their chosen event/s.  If a person goes over the time limit they will be rung off by the Room Supervisor.

Terms and Conditions:


There is to be no photography or video recording of performers during the Championships. Photos may be taken once a performer has finished or at time of results.


  • The Solo & Party Championships will be run in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws of Band Association of NSW Inc., in particular By-law 24, and rules and conditions set out in this document or made by the Contest Committee during the Championships. The By-laws and Constitution can be located in the Resources tab.
  • The Championships will be under the control of the Contest Supervisor.
  • A Room Supervisor will manage each room used for events and will be responsible for ensuring contests rules are observed.
  • All Perpetual Trophies winners from 2017 must return their trophy (engraved and in good condition), to the Band Association no later than 6 weeks prior to the Contest unless other arrangements have been confirmed.


  • Entrants must be a currently registered member of Band Association of NSW Inc, an Australian State Association, or a National Association where an entrant is resident outside Australia.
  • If an entrant turns 15 or 19 on the weekend of the contest then they will need to go up a grade. An Under 15 player may enter an Under 15 and/or Under 19 solo event. An Under 15 player may enter an Open solo event only if they have previously won a State Championship solo event. An Under 19 player may enter a Under 19 and/or Open solo event.

Trophy Events

Trophy events have restricted entry criteria as follows:

Stewart Douglass Trophy: Slow Melody solo event for Under 15 players of any instrument.
Dora Simm Trophy:  Jazz/Popular Music solo event for Under 15 players of any instrument.
Paul Cerezo Trophy: Slow Melody solo event for Under 19 players of any instrument.
Hansen Trophy: Jazz/Popular Music solo event for Under 19 players of any instrument.
Lisa Butcher Memorial Award: Jazz/Popular Music solo event for Open players of any instrument.
Presidents Shield: Slow Melody solo event for Open players of any instrument.

Slow Melody Guidelines

  • A composition that is purely melodic. No variations or cadenzas, or florid sections e.g continual bars of semi- quavers. Tempo generally will not exceed 80 crotchets per minute.

Jazz/Popular Music Guidelines

  • Any solo taken from a specialist “Jazz Genre” or a “Jazz Standard” solos book which invites the soloist to approach the notated solos with freedom relative to the style/genre. Melodic embellishments and the inclusion of an improvised solo are encouraged as is memorisation of the piece.

Music selected should be consistent with the expected standards outlined for own choice music.

Percussion Events

Percussionists may enter single or multiple events within each age classification. Entry in two or more different age classifications will be considered as separate entries for each age class.

  • A Under 15 percussionist may enter Under 15 and Under 19 percussion events.
  • A Under 19 percussionist may enter under 19 and Open percussion events.

Piano Accompaniment is now allowed for all Percussion events in line with other individual instrument events. Please note no backing music or singing is allowed as accompaniment or part of the performance for percussion events.

Note for 2018, the adjudicator will be behind a screen.


  • An official accompanist will be provided for each room. They are not permitted to move from one room to another, nor are they permitted to charge an entrant a fee to accompany them at the contest. Accompanists will charge a rehearsal fee. Fees should be negotiated at the time of booking a rehearsal. BANSW takes no responsibility for setting rehearsal fees.
  • Soloists may use their own accompanist at their own cost but if that accompanist is unavailable at the time the soloist is called on to perform then the official accompanist must be used.
  • Copies of music for accompanists must be bound, legible and in good condition. Loose sheet music will not be accepted.

Draw for Playing Order

  • The Management Committee will conduct a draw for playing order for each event prior to the contest and this draw will be printed in the contest program. On the day of the Champioships, the Champion of Champions events will have a draw once all individual events have been completed and entrant numbers have been confirmed.
  • The Contest Supervisor may give permission for a player to play out of order, in this case the player will retain the draw number originally allocated.


  • It is a condition of entry that a player must wear the uniform of the band with which the player is registered.
  • A player may be disqualified if he/she is not wearing the correct uniform.

Registration for Events

  • Competitors must register for each event in which he/she is entered at least thirty minutes before their event is due to commence.
  • Adjudicator copies of own choice music, with bars numbered, must be handed in to the Registrar at the time of registration.  Adjudicator music MUST NOT contain any distinguishing marks that may identify the competitor or the band they represent.

Legal Issues

It is a condition of entry into the contest venue that the Band Association of NSW Inc. and members of the Management Committee, volunteers and any official will not be legally liable for:

  • any loss, damage or theft of any instrument or other valuables of any member of the public while attending the Championships, or
  • any assault, illness, injury, death or any other circumstance that may arise during travel by any person to and from the contest venue or while in attendance at the Championships.

The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to any person or persons to the contest venue facilities. An official may request a person to leave a performance room and or the contest venue if their behaviour is considered inappropriate.

In the event of improper behaviour, illness, injury or death the Management Committee reserves the right to call NSW Police, and or Ambulance to the venue.

Any official, Volunteer or other person who witnesses, or becomes aware of, any act of bullying, sexual or physical assault must report the occurrence to the Contest Supervisor who will decide appropriate action.

Children under 18 years of age who are not accompanied by a parent or family member, must be accompanied by a person holding an approved WWCC and can provide the details for review upon request.

If you have any questions concerning the State Solo & Party Championships please contact the Contest Administrator, Kristen Moodie on 0423 763 629 or email contests@bandnsw.com