2020 State Band Festival Online

2020 NSW State Band Festival Online

** All recordings will be live-streamed on the weekend 14/15 November via Brassbanned.com. There will be a small cost involved in accessing the stream that weekend. Please see details below for further information **

** As part of the Festival, the weekend of 7/8 November we will be streaming the Champion of Champions and the Party Event competition. **

For more information on the Party Events please go to 2020 NSW State Band Festival Party Events

For more information on the Champion of Champions please go to 2020 NSW State Band Festival Champion of Champions


The Event:

Events offered in all grades for Open and Junior Brass and Concert are as follows:

  • Sacred Item (time limit 6 mins)
  • Single Own Choice Major Work (time limits as per existing to apply)
  • On Stage March (as per the NBCA Approved March List)
  • Own Choice Concert Item (time limit 6 Mins).

Each event in each grade will be considered as a “Stand Alone” event. Every band doesn’t need to enter all events. e.g. a band can enter just one or two events depending on what they are capable of. It is up to the Bands to determine what they can do well and entering events to match that. This also means that for those bands who have been unable to have full rehearsals, bands can still have everyone engaged and rehearsing by splitting the bands into say a Hymn Band, a Concert Item Band and or a March Band, etc. crossover of players between the various groups entered from the one band is fine without the need for external permits. Still, any external permits must be listed as such.

For Under 13 Divisions (1, 2 and 3), one program totaling 15 minutes of concert items can be submitted.

The entry fees:

$50 per entry (incl. GST). – i.e., if a band enters only the Sacred Item, then its $50, Sacred Item plus March, then $100, Sacred Item, March and Own Choice – $150 and All 4 – $200.

Under 13 Division groups, a flat fee of $50 per entry will apply regardless of the number of pieces performed.

How will this work:

  • Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each category for each grade with Trophy and Certificate for each to be issued. There are no points and no placings beyond 3rd place. We feel that this is the fairest way to negate the possibility of differences in video and sound recording qualities, band number sizes, etc.… 2020 will be more about participation, getting us back into Band and playing to our usual high standards.
  • There will be no Aggregate Championships awarded and no Champion Band trophies either. Unfortunately with the removal of points and the inability for many bands to be able to enter all components for each grade, an Aggregate Championship just wouldn’t be fair, so, to encourage all of us to be involved in whatever way possible, yet still have a goal and a bit of competition, there will be placings only, no aggregate Champion Bands.
  • Bands will be required to submit entry forms by Friday, 11th September. Any band that may have registered previously will be required to submit their entry again once the website has been updated.
  • ALL video recordings, PDF of the scores as well as any declarations required are due from bands by Friday, 23rd October.  The instructions for this will be updated on the website in due course.
  • The recordings will then be sent to the adjudicators for adjudication.

On 14th and 15th November – The weekend of the festival, the entire event will be Live-Streamed by Tim at Brassbanned.com (for any School Bands who do not authorise the video of their band to be broadcast, only the sound will be streamed). Results announcements for each event will be via both Brassbanned.com and BANSW Facebook and websites.

Following the announcement of results, all adjudication recordings will be emailed to bands along with appropriate certificates. Trophies/plaques are available for delivery/collection, and all performances will be retained for bands to see on the BANSW YouTube Channel. Like it now so you can easily find it:  https://www.youtube.com/c/bandassociationofnsw/.

General Conditions of Entry and Participation: 

  • All current Band Gradings will remain as per existing BANSW or other State Association Gradings.
  • All registration requirements remain as per the 2020 Registration requirements of BANSW or appropriate State Association Registration requirements.
  • The minimum number of players in a band performing in any video is 16 (Incl. percussion) plus a conductor for ALL bands. The maximum number to be as per the existing By-Laws.
  • All Bands must perform their videos in full uniform, and all videos must be completed in one take with no editing.
  • With each video submitted, there will be a declaration required to confirm that all those appearing in the video are members of the band as registered with BANSW (or other State Association). Remember, for ALL NSW bands the Membership registration fees for 2020 have been dropped to a flat fee of $125 per band. Registering new members is included in that flat fee for 2020.
  • All videos should be recorded and uploaded between the 1st of October and the close-off date of 23rd of October.
  • Permits are allowed and will be listed as part of the declaration. No “permit forms” are required. All other conditions around permits are as per the existing By-Laws.

A few things to note: 

  • For all Band events, adjudications will be Open Adjudications.
  • All Band performances (for school bands – subject to permissions) will be retained on our BANSW YouTube channel on or after the event weekends.

The realities of these times have meant some significant changes for us all, but we hope that with the changes we have made, everyone can participate in this year’s event and get back to doing what we all love, and that’s making great music.

Please if you have any questions on the above, don’t hesitate to ask us using the contact form below.

Contest Details

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