A message to all Bands

There have been easing of several restrictions in NSW and the ACT recently, and with further easing of restrictions to occur on June 13, we feel now is the right time to provide an update to our members. 

Given that most bands are varied when it comes to their rehearsal spaces, we are not going to provide a blanket statement that it will be OK for full band rehearsals to recommence. We have an incredible list of member bands which range in size from below 20 members to upwards of 70. One thing may apply to one band that may not apply to another group.

We encourage bands to review the current information provided by both the NSW and ACT Governments on the following websites:

It is important to note that any questions a band has should be directed to the COVID-19 hotlines as these are the correct authorities to help you with determining whether you can return to rehearsals. We recommend that you request all advice provided to be in writing. We also strongly recommend that all bands have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place for when rehearsals do recommence. 

While we look forward to a time when we are back to regular rehearsals, this may still be a little while down the track for some bands.