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For over 125 years, the BANSW has been a critical influence in supporting community bands in New South Wales. However, membership fees and event income alone do not fully cover the many costs of running the Association. With as little as 20% of its revenue in most years from government sources, the Association also relies heavily on donors and sponsors’ generosity. As a non-profit organisation mainly managed by volunteers with minimal paid administration support, BANSW needs to strengthen its operations’ long-term sustainability.

The BANSW is a registered charity with the Australian Charites and Non-for-Profit Commission. We urge you to consider supporting BANSW through a donation.


Project Donations

Donations to various BANSW projects are tax-deductible. Support from donors is indispensable to ensuring our various projects become a reality and can have the impact that they need in the music community. 

Tax-deductible projects will be updated here. Please check back regularly.

Make a tax-deductible donation here: Australian Cultural Fund.

General Donations

General donations to the BANSW are not tax-deductible. Therefore, your support here goes to where it is most needed, in supporting the administration, which, without it, the BANSW wouldn’t exist.

You can donate by direct deposit to our account. Please email the BANSW Secretary with your details so we can provide a letter of acknowledgement.

Your support counts.

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