SBC Registration
SBC Registration
This number will be loaded on the top of your registration sheet or on the website in the band contact list. If you are new to the Association and do not have a number yet, please record as 0
As to be printed in the Offical Program.
Name of band person with Working With Children Check. include their Name, WWCC# and D.O.B.
Check the box to opt-out visual of streaming of your band's performance. Audio will still be streamed.
Code Key: 1st letter (O)pen or (J)unior, 2nd letter Grade A, B, C or D, 3rd letter (B)rass or (C)oncert. For grades with no set test piece, please select your grade and the own choice option from the list.
To assist with timetable scheduling, please advise if you have any members within your band that also plays with another band (eg plays in both a brass band and a concert band) that are intending to compete. If so please provide the band members name and band/s involved. Also, list any proposed permit players you into to use and the band/s they are from. Please note that whilst all accommodation will be made as much as possible, there may be instances where a clash will occur and we will not be able to resolve it.
Please list the name/s and contact details for your stage preparation volunteer/s. To facilitate a smooth championship, we require each competing band to supply a volunteer to help set the stage for your band's grade session.