Life Members

Life Membership of the Band Association of New South Wales is the ultimate award bestowed upon an individual member. This honour may be granted to any member of the band movement of New South Wales who, in the opinion of the Committee, has given outstanding service to the Band Association of New South Wales, as per rule 4a of the BANSW By-Laws.

After retirement as a member, Life Members may attend any meetings, general or committee, and if invited, join in any discussion but shall not be entitled to a vote. They shall have the right of attendance for two persons at the invitation of the Committee to any contest or function that the Association may promote.

The Band Association of New South Wales President will present The Life Membership award at a premier association function. Life Members is recorded in the Register of Life Members. A suitable badge with the name and year of induction inscribed thereon will be issued together with a certificate.

Nomination for Life Membership shall be submitted along with supporting evidence to bestow this honour to the Association Secretary.

Life Members

NameYear AwardedNameYear Awarded
W. Leeman *1953Nance Stenning *1984
Charlie Franz *1953Roy Orton *1985
William Brown *1954Norm Peverell1985
Colin Knight *1954Peter Walmsley OAM1985
Fred Knight *1954Charles Partridge *1986
Harry Todd *1954Ted Newbery BEM *1988
Arthur Green *1957Ken Huckstepp1990
Les Bragg *1960Bill Richmond1990
Harold Ford *1962David Blunt*1991
Jack Hansen *1962Graham Atkinson*1996
Andy McDowell *1962Phil Mead1998
Cyril Ridgeway *1962Bill Belcher OAM1999
Noel Freestone *1963Alex Clulow *2000
Les Turner *1965Steve Moore2002
Ted Simons *1966Harold Pollard OAM2002
Charles Bignall *1967Bob Wallbaum2002
Jim Reilly *1967Mary Mead2003
Les Smith *1968Laurence Rowe2003
Tom Gawn *1969Allan Shaw2004
Jack Tougher *1969Jean Cartledge*2005
Cliff Goodchild OAM *1975Elaine Markham*2009
Frank Simm OAM*1975Brian McGuinness2010
Dick Allen *1978Ray Gallagher *2010
Cobber Burnett*1978Ken Bradley2010
H.J. (Os) Cartledge *1980Mike Butcher OAM*2013
John Flynn1980Jonathan Gatt2014
Jack Grumley *1980Ian Madden2014
Mollie Neal *1980Jeff Markham2016
Richard (Dick) Stenning *1983Teena Wallace2018
Reg Bishop OAM *1984Kristen Moodie2018
Frank McGuinness OAM *1984Bill Lewis OAM 2019
Dora Simm *1984James Brice2020

* Deceased