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NSW State Band Championships


The 2024 NSW State Band Championships will be held at The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (‘The Joan’) in Penrith on the weekend of the 24 – 25 of August. All the information that you need to enter the Championships is right here. To view your set work selections, simply navigate to the corresponding tab.

As many of our members know, we can only make the Championships work with the beautiful helping hands of many volunteers. They are our lifeblood. We would love to hear from you if you have some time over the weekend! You can register your interest by completing the form in the Volunteers tab.

If you have questions concerning the NSW State Band Championships, contact our Contest Coordinator or complete the form below.

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Contest Details

Important Dates

For the 2024 NSW State Band Championships:


Test Pieces Announced: Beginning of March

Open Date for Band Entries: 1 May

Closing Date for Band Entries: 30 June

Final Registration of Players: 12 July

Submission of Scores and Own Choice Program Advice: 12 July 

Return of Perpetual Trophies: 12 July

Permit Applications and Stage Plan Submissions: 10 August

Syllabus of Set Works

We are pleased to announce the 2024 NSW State Band Championships syllabus of set works.


The BANSW would like to thank the NSW Music Selection Committee members for their tireless work in bringing this list together, led by Committee Chair, James Brice OAM.


We hope to see you at the State Band Championships in August.


Gradings and Performance Time Limits

The expected performance level of bands for each grade is listed below. All bands must be graded to compete. If your band plans to enter the championships for the first time and is unsure of which grade to be in, contact our Secretary for assistance.

We have introduced on-stage performance times. There will be no more time limits for individual selections (except for Open A and B Brass). A table of on-stage times with the expected grade levels is below.

All bands are to perform at least one major work within their own-choice portion of the program in addition to selecting a piece from the Syllabus of Set Works (where required) and a sacred item. Bands can schedule in more than one own choice piece should time allow. If a band elects to perform more than one piece in their own-choice portion of the program, the adjudicator will give only one point score out of 100.

Open D Concert, Open D Brass and Youth C Brass can include Concert Items in their own-choice program. A Concert Item is any piece seen as an 'entertainment' item that a band would use in a concert or playout setting.

Please note we have re-aligned the Primary School Grades to reflect the level of playing ability as this has caused some confusion in the past. Please ensure you select the right division before entering. 

UPDATE JUNE 2024 for the Primary School Grades: No points will be awarded to each band. All bands will receive a Highly Commendable Award and one band in each Section will be announced the 'Champion Band'. No other aspect of the event has been changed other than what has been listed above. 


Open A Grade Brass and ConcertMusic Grade: 5+ Music Format: Sacred Item, Set Work, Own Choice
Open B Grade Brass and ConcertMusic Grade: 4+Music Format: Sacred Item, Set Work, Own Choice
Open C Grade Brass and ConcertMusic Grade: 3+Music Format: Sacred Item, Set Work, Own Choice 
Open D Grade ConcertMusic Grade 1.5+Music Format: Sacred Item, Set Work, Own Choice 
Open D Grade BrassMusic Grade: 1.5+Music Format: Sacred Item, Set Work, Own Choice 
Youth A Grade Brass and ConcertMusic Grade: 4.5+Music Format: Sacred Item, Set Work, Own Choice 
Youth B Grade Brass and ConcertMusic Grade: 3.5+Music Format: Sacred Item, Set Work, Own Choice 
Youth C Grade BrassMusic Grade: 1.5+Music Format: 25 min. Own Choice music program
Youth C Grade ConcertMusic Grade: 2.5+Music Format: Sacred Item, Set Work, Own Choice 
Youth D Grade ConcertMusic Grade: 1.5+Music Format: Sacred Item, Set Work, Own Choice 
Primary School Bands Division 1:Music Grade 1+Music Format: 15 min. Own Choice music program
Primary School Bands Division 2:Music Grade 2+Music Format: 15 min. Own Choice music program
Primary School Bands Division 3:Music Grade 3+Music Format: 15 min. Own Choice music program
Non-Championship Schools Division:20 Minute Own Choice music program 
Non-Championship Open Division:20 Minute Own Choice music Program 



On Stage Program Times are:Not more than:
Sacred Item (Open A and B Grade Brass only)6 minutes
Own Choice Program: 
Open A Grade Brass:18 minutes
Open B Grade Brass:18 minutes
Open A and B Grade Concert (complete program):45 minutes
Open C and D Grade Concert and Brass (complete program):35 minutes
Youth A & B Concert (complete program):40 minutes
Youth C Concert (complete program):30 minutes
Youth D Concert (complete program):25 minutes
Youth A Grade Brass (complete program):35 minutes
Youth B Grade Brass (complete program):30 minutes
Youth C Grade Brass (complete program):25 minutes





Conditions of Entry

All Bands entering the contest should make themselves familiar with the Band Association's By-Laws relating to the conduct of contests. The By-Laws are on the Rule and Forms page of our website.


If you have any questions about the By-Laws and condition of entry, please get in touch with either the Contest Administrator or Association Secretary.


Conditions of Entry:

  1. The total aggregate points awarded for all items in all Grades or Divisions will determine The State Champion.
  2. A Sacred Item is a hymn, hymn arrangement, or work of a similar nature that encourages peace, reflection, celebration, and meditation. The Management Committee will review nominated sacred items and has the right to accept or refuse any music submitted as a Sacred Item.
  3. The Management Committee will draw for the playing order before the contest and advise bands upon completion.
  4. Open A and Open B Brass Grades will play their Set Work and Sacred Item/Hymn first and return to the stage to play their own-choice Selection. All other Brass and Concert Grades will play their items in one sitting.
  5. All bands must enter their official grade. Should a band choose to enter the grade above their official grade, they must apply to the Association before receiving entries. Different own-choice and sacred item selections are required by a band that chooses to enter two grades, and separate entry fees are payable.
  6. The NSW State Band Championships uses a standard percussion layout for the main percussion instruments for ALL on-stage band events (refer to percussion/stage seating plan for further details). The positions of large percussion equipment such as timpani, drum kit and tuned percussion must not change. Percussionists can move all other percussion equipment around these more oversized items. The ONLY exceptions will be for large concert bands where stage space is limited or where the score requires a specific percussion layout. These changes MUST be advised to the Contest Coordinator NO LATER THAN 2 WEEKS before the event. Bands should plan their rehearsals with the set percussion layout in mind.
  7. It is a condition of entry into the contest venue that the Band Association of NSW Inc. and members of the Management Committee, volunteers and any official will not be legally liable for
    1. Any loss, damage, theft of any instrument or other valuables of any member of the public while attending the Championships.
    2. Any assault, illness, injury, death or other circumstance arising during travel by someone to, from or while in attendance at the Championships.
    3. The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to any person to the contest venue facilities. An official may request a person to leave a performance room and or the contest venue if their behaviour is considered inappropriate.
    4. If improper behaviour, illness, injury or death occurs, the Management Committee reserves the right to call NSW Police and or Ambulance to the venue.
  8. Any official, volunteer, or other person who witnesses, or becomes aware of, any act of bullying, sexual discrimination, harassment or physical assault will report the occurrence to the Contest Supervisor, who will take appropriate action.
  9. Children under 16 years of age, who are unaccompanied by a parent or family member, must be accompanied by a person holding an approved WWCC and can provide the details for review upon request.
  10. If you have any questions concerning the State Band Championships, please contact the Contest Coordinator.

Entry Form

A band can register their entry by completing the form below from 1 May until the closing date of 30 June 2024. We will confirm receipt of your entry shortly after that. 


Each band is required to select the grade in which they are competing. If a band is competing in more than one grade, an additional lodgement of the form is required for each grade entered. If a band is new to the Championships and requires grading assistance, please contact the Contest Administrator.


Scores are required to be submitted to us no later than 12 July 2024. We will provide an update on how to do this closer to the event. Your submission should also include the Set Work from the Syllabus list.


Online Entry Form 


Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Condition of Entry
This number will be loaded on the top of your registration sheet or on the website in the band contact list. If you do not know your number, please list it as unknown.
As to be printed in the Offical Program.
Name of band person with Working With Children Check. include their Name, WWCC# and D.O.B.

Select the grade/s being entered

Open Band Events - $250 entry fee each
Youth Band Events - $175 entry fee each
Primary School Events - $175 entry fee each
Non-Championship Event - $110 entry fee each

Other information required

Livestreaming for Junior Bands only
Check the box to opt-out visual of streaming of your band's performance. Audio will still be streamed.
To assist with timetable scheduling, please advise if you have any members within your band that also plays with another band (eg plays in both a brass band and a concert band) that are intending to compete. If so please provide the band members name and band/s involved. Also, list any proposed permit players you into to use and the band/s they are from. Please note that whilst all accommodation will be made as much as possible, there may be instances where a clash will occur and we will not be able to resolve it.
Please list the name/s and contact details for your stage preparation volunteer/s (with their agreement of course). To facilitate a smooth championship, we require each competing band to supply a volunteer to help set the stage or any other requirement for your band's grade session.
If you are unable to pay via Credit Card, please let us know if you need an invoice. Your entry will not be completed until payment has been received



Entry Fees and Audience Tickets

The Entry fees for 2024:


Open Grades $250

Youth & Primary School Grades $175

Non-Championship Event $110


Bands can pay All Entry Fees via our Online Shop.


Entry fees not paid before the start of the Championships may result in your band not being allowed to perform.


Audience Tickets:


The Joan Box Office will be selling tickets for the State Band Championships. Pre-sale tickets are available from the JSPCA's website from the beginning of August 2024. When pre-sale becomes available, we encourage you to take up this benefit to avoid the queues on the day.


Day Ticket $22

Concession Day Ticket $18

2 Day Pass $35

2 Day Pass Concession $28

Children under 16 and Band Members in Uniform - FREE

Programs $10

*A booking fee of $3 will apply to all tickets 

Admission for band members to the audience is free, providing that band members are wearing the wristband issued to participating players by the BANSW. Participating bands must confirm the number of wristbands required when submitting their stage seating plans. Otherwise, without a wristband, band members must buy a ticket from the JSPAC Box Office to watch another band's performance and attend the presentation of the results. 


Timetable of Events

Download the 2024 Schedule

Will be available after the closing date


The 2024 schedule of events which may also be subject to change depending on number of entries received:


  • Saturday – All Open Concert bands and Open A & B Brass band grades.


  • Sunday – All Youth Concert Bands, Open C & D Brass bands, Youth Brass bands, Primary School bands, and the Non-Championship events.


We try to accommodate the travelling times for the country and school bands as best as possible. In addition, we are aware of other festivals and school sporting events that occur at that time of the year. Still, we want to remind bands that this is a community event. Therefore, any requests for draw changes submitted to the Administrator will be reviewed and discussed with the management committee. Unfortunately, we may not be able to accommodate the request.


Our Adjudicators

Adjudicators for the 2024 NSW State Band Championships will be announced closer to the event




Supplied Percussion, Stage Plan Submission and Music Scores Uploads

Not all of the percussion instruments listed in Syllabus of Set Works are supplied. Anything not listed should be brought in by the band. In addition, each band should provide sticks except for mallets for the gong and concert bass drum.


Note: The list of percussion equipment supplied by the Association and the on-stage layout is as follows:


Drum Kit 
Snare Drum + tall stand 
Tenor drum + stand 
Timpani stool - gas lift 
Set of Pedal Timpani 23”26”29”and 32”
Bongos & Stand
Pair Crash Cymbals + stand
Suspended cymbal + stand  
Tam Tam + stand + mallet 
WindChimes + stand 
Set of 5 Temple Blocks + stand - wooden 
Glockenspiel + stand
4.3 Octave Marimba
3.5 Octave Xylophone
1.5 Octave Tubular Bells
Concert Bass Drum with Stand
3 x Trap tables
One Keyboard (including keyboard stand) and two amps will be supplied in each hall. Players are encouraged to supply their own guitar/bass leads.


Percussionists cannot move the large percussion instruments unless pre-approved. Therefore, bands should consider this Percussion Layout when rehearsing.


Stage Plans should be completed and submitted using the upload link below no later than 10 August 2024. 



Stage Plan Upload Link


Bands must submit music scores for all selections (including the set work for any grade with a multi-choice option) to the Contest Administrator no later than 12 July 2024



  • To upload your music, use the Sheet Music Upload link below (it will open in a new window)
  • Music uploads are due by 12 July 2024.
  • Adjudicators' music MUST NOT contain distinguishing marks that may identify the competitor or the band they represent.
  • All music for the adjudicator must have all bars numbered.


 Sheet Music Upload Link



Standard permit rules will apply. If there are exceptional circumstances, please get in touch with the Management Committee for review, and we will look at it on a case by case basis.


All Permit Forms are to be submitted electronically to the Association Secretary no later than 14 days before the contest. Simply click on the Permit Forms link. 



Please refer to our By-Laws for the acceptable number of permits for Brass and Concert Bands. In addition, bands should be fully conversant with the remainder of By-Law 20 concerning permits in general.


Working with Children Check

All bands competing at the Championships, whose members under mostly under 19 years of age or where the band is known as a Youth or Primary/High School Band, are required under NSW State Government Legislation to have a current WWCC for their conductor and appropriate supervisors.


In addition, the band's entry form must contain the relevant information of at least one WWCC holder.

For more information, go to our Policies page or Office of the Children’s Guardian, NSW


Volunteering is a great way to give back to our community, and what better way to complete this than by providing a few hours of your time in helping us with the NSW State Band Championships.

There are several roles that you can volunteer for:

For further role details, contact our Volunteers Coordinator, Fiona Day

Please enter your details in the form below to volunteer. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Are you happy to be contacted by WhatsApp?
Are you Competing?
Which day/s are you be able to Volunteer?
Role Preference
Shirt Size
We provide our volunteers with drinks, snacks, and meals during rostered shifts.
Some of our roles involve long hours standing, lifting and walking.
Please provide number and expiry date
Accommodation may be available for those who are travelling over an hour to the venue and are working two full days. Does this apply to you?
Advise us of anything you think we need to know to assist your volunteering experience.


Trade Stands and Sponsorship

We love seeing trade stands at the Championships. Sponsorships and Trade Stands are important to us, and we would like to thank Besson Buffet Crampon and the Penrith City Council for their continued support of the Championships.

Besson has been a long-term supporter of the NSW State Band Championships, and their instruments are available through Sax and Woodwind and Brass. We encourage you to check out their trade stand or visit their showroom in Camperdown.

Penrith City Council is a new, proud supporter of the NSW State Band Championships, providing financial and marketing assistance to the Association. We are pleased that the Council recognises this important event, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Our latest supporter is AUS Property Professionals. Owned by fellow musician, Lloyd Edge, Aus Property Professionals is one of Australia's most sought-after buyer advocacy agencies. We welcome them as a sponsor to the NSW State Band Championships. 

If you are an advertiser wanting to be included in our program or wanting a trade stand, please contact Fiona Day who will be able to assist you with more information and costings.


Please note that it is a condition of entry that there is to be NO PHOTOGRAPHY within the Concert Hall and the Q Theatre unless by prior approval of the Management Committee of the Band Association of NSW.

Staff at the JSPAC may reserve the right to request anyone taking unauthorised photos to leave the contest.

We intend to have an official photographer that will have access to all areas, and we will advise all bands in due course. Photos taken will be available to bands after the Championships.


Upon submission of an entry to the Championships, a band agrees to be in the live-stream. If your youth or school band does not wish to participate in the video live-stream, an 'opt-out' is available to you on the entry form. Audio will continue for all bands regardless of the video opt-out option. All Open community bands will be video and audio live-streamed.


The live streaming of this event has become an integral part of the Championships, and all schools intending to compete should make parents/guardians aware of this. Individual members of school bands/Youth bands are not named during the live-stream.

We welcome Tim Kelly from Brassbanned, who has been live-streaming our events for a number of years now and has built up a large following. Please note that we will not be live-streaming from any other platform.  Brassbanned.com is the only official website streaming the Championships and any other site may be a scam. Do not click on any other links other than what we and Brassbanned provide. 


There are several car parks around the JSPCA. Please be aware that should you choose to park in Westfield, this may attract a parking fee depending on how long you stay at the Championships. 

There is free parking next to the venue, but this is only for 1 to 2 hours on Saturdays. Other free untimed car parks in the area are Union Road – bounded by Worth St & Station St. Also, check out this Penrith Off-Street Parking Map.


Syllabus of Set Works for 2024

All Brass Grades

Syllabus of Set Works - All Brass Bands Grades

All works by an Australian Composer/Arranger are marked with an *
OPEN A Grade BrassLowry Sketchbook Philip WilbyKirklees Music
OPEN B Grade BrassRhapsody In Brass Dean GoffinR Smith & Company
OPEN C Grade BrassHungerford Town Darrol BarryStudio Music
OPEN D Grade Brass*Vengeance Jared McCunnie www.jaredmccunnie.com
OPEN D Grade BrassNeverland Christopher BondChristopher Bond Music
OPEN D Grade BrassMexican FiestaRonald HanmerStudio Music
OPEN D Grade BrassAn Australian FantasyTrad arr. Gordon LangfordChandos Music
YOUTH A Grade Brass*The FloodDale Vailwww.dalevail.com
YOUTH B Grade BrassRoss RoyJacob De HaanDe Haske Publications
YOUTH B Grade BrassAn Australian FantasyTrad arr. Gordon LangfordChandos Music
YOUTH B Grade Brass*Episode for Brass BandDale Vail www.dalevail.com
YOUTH B Grade BrassPrelude on 'Lavenham'Geoffrey NobesSA Music
YOUTH C Grade Brass*Festal Intrada Ralph Hultgren Brolga Music
YOUTH C Grade Brass*I Still Call Australia Home Peter Allen/Joan ThorpThorp Music
YOUTH C Grade Brass*A Journey with SunshineJared McCunnie www.jaredmccunnie.com
YOUTH C Grade Brass*MajestiqueMark Ford Lake Music Publications

Open A Grade Concert

Syllabus of Set Works - Open A Grade Concert

All works by an Australian Composer/Arranger are marked with an *
OPEN A ConcertSyllabus of Set Works
Give Us This Day David MaslankaCarl Fischer
*This Gift of Never and Always Matt Klohswww.mattklohs.com
Fifth Suite For Band (International Dances) Alfred ReedHal Leonard
Four Scottish Dances Malcolm Arnold arr. John P. PaynterCarl Fischer Music
Russian Christmas Music Alfred ReedAlfred Music
*SoulstromJodie Blackshaw Manhattan Beach Music
*Land of Perpetual Ice Greg ButcherGreg Butcher
Hammersmith Op.52 Gustav HolstBoosey & Hawkes
Armenian Dances No.2 Alfred ReedC.L. Barnhouse Company
Three Dance Episodes from On The TownLeonard Bernstein arr. Paul LavenderBoosey & Hawkes
Piece of Mind Dana WilsonLudwigMasters Publications
Yiddish Dances Adam GorbMaecenas Music
Symphony No 3 'Slavyanskaya' Boris Kozhevinikov/Ed. John BourgeoisWingert-Jones Publications
Symphony No. 4 "Bookmarks from Japan" Julie GirouxMusica Propria
*Splinter Holly Harrison Murphy Music Press available through matt.klohs.com

Open B Grade Concert

Syllabus of Set Works - Open B Grade Concert

All Works by an Australian composer/arranger are marked with an *
OPEN B Grade ConcertSet WorksComposer/ArrangerPublisher
First Suite For Band - (Mvts 1,2,4 only) Alfred ReedHal Leonard Corporation - The Marks Band Library

Scenes From the Louvre Dello Joio NormanHal Leonard Corporation - The Marks Band Library
*Beyond the Lucent Portal Jack Hwang Matt Klohs Music
Second Suite in F Gustav HolstBoosey & Hawkes
*Twist Jodie Blackshaw Brolga Music
*Dylan's Song Matthew Klohs www.mattklohs.com 
*Me Disagrees Catherine Likhuta www.mattklohs.com 
Orient Express Philip SparkeStudio Music
Noah's Ark Bert AppermontBeriato Music
Suite of Old American Dances (Movts 1,3,5 only) Robert Russel BennettHal Leonard
The Hounds of Spring Alfred ReedEdward B. Marks Music Company
Endurance Timothy MahrNeil A. Kjos Music Company
*From Fern Glade Claire Farrell contact@clairefarrellmusic.com
*Sequential DancesGreg Butcher accentproductionsmusic@gmail.com  
*BushdanceRalph Hultgren Brolga Music

Open C Grade Concert

Syllabus of Set Works - Open C Grade Concert

All works by an Australian composer/arranger are marked with an *
OPEN C Grade ConcertSet WorkComposer/ArrangerPublisher
Declaration OvertureClaude T. SmithClaude T. Smith Publications
*In Pursuit of ExcellenceTim Ferrier Tim Ferrier
*KurrajongAdrian Hallam Thorp Music
To The Summit! (Strive for the Highest)Robert W SmithAlfred Music
A Festival PreludeAlfred ReedEdward B. Marks Music Company
*From Dawn to Dusk Graham Lloyd C.L. Barnhouse Company
Salute to American JazzSammy NesticoHal Leonard
*Terpsichorean DancesJodie Blackshaw Manhattan Beach Music
KaddishWilliam Francis McBethSouthern Music Co
English Folk Song SuiteRalph Vaughan WilliamsBoosey & Hawkes
Pilatus - Mountains of DragonsSteven ReinekeC.L. Barnhouse Company
Brook Green SuiteGustav HolstG. Schirmer, Inc.
*WerifesteriaMatt Klohs www.mattklohs.com
*An Australian RhapsodyRalph Hultgren Brolga Music
*GypsiesDavid Jones Brolga Music

Open D Grade Concert

Syllabus of Set Works - Open D Grade Concert

All works by an Australian composer/arranger are marked with an *
OPEN D Grade ConcertSet WorkComposer/ArrangerPublisher

An Irish RhapsodyClare GrundmanBoosey & Hawkes
*Gain WisdomBrian Hogg Brolga Music
*Glorified DancesMatt Klohs www.mattklohs.com
*Tales of the Sea Tim Ferrier Tim Ferrier Music
Soaring David ShafferC.L. Barnhouse Company
Rocketship! Kevin DayMurphy Music Press available through matt.klohs.com
Heatherwood Portrait James BarnesSouthern Music Co
Simple Gifts: Four Shaker Songs Frank TicheliManhattan Beach Music
Shine Michael MarkowskiManhattan Beach Music
ChoreographyRobert SheldonAlfred Music
*ExuberanceAdrian Hallam Thorp Music
Sun DanceFrank TicheliManhattan Beach Music
*The BraveBrian Hogg Brolga Music
*High CountryRalph Hultgren Brolga Music
*Psalm – A Stronghold SureBrian Hogg Brolga Music

Youth A Grade Concert

Syllabus of Set Works - Youth A Grade Concert

All works by an Australian composer/arranger are marked with an *
Youth A Grade ConcertSet Work
Variations on A Korean Folk Song John Barnes ChanceBoosey & Hawkes
K2Julie GirouxMusica Propria
Music For A Festival Philip SparkeStudio Music
*Under Loch & Quay Daniel Dinh Matt Klohs Music
Celestial Seas Julie GirouxMusica Propria
Incantation and Dance John Barnes ChanceBoosey & Hawkes
*The Magic of this DawnChristopher SainsburyAustralian Music Centre - updated 8/3/24
Orient Express Philip SparkeStudio Music
Liturgical Dances David HolsingerSouthern Music Co
Lexicon of the Gods Rossano GalanteHAFABRA Music
Crown of Thorns Julie GirouxSouthern Music Co
Endurance Timothy MahrNeil A. Kjos Music Company
Jalan Jalan - Vision of the Isle of the Gods Shin'ya TakahasiBravo Music
Danzon No 2Arturo Marquez/Oliver NickelPeer Music Classical
A La MachautAndrew BossMurphy Music Press available through www.mattklohs.com

Youth B Grade Concert

Syllabus of Set Works - Youth B Grade Concert

All works by an Australian composer/arranger are marked with an *
Youth B Grade ConcertSet WorkComposer/ArrangerPublisher
*A Majestic Prelude (Prelude on Hyfrydol) Mark Ford Matt Klohs Music
Cry of the Last Unicorn Rossano GalanteG. Schirmer, Inc.
*Music For A Jubilant Occasion Greg Butcher Thorp Music
*Postcards From Big Things Kara Williams Matt Klohs Music
December Dance Andrew Boysen JnrNeil A. Kjos Music Company
Chorale and Shaker Dance John ZdechlikNeil A. Kjos Music Company
Symphonic Triptych James CurnowHal Leonard
*The Stone Guest Brian Hogg Brolga Music
Autumn Air Nicole Puinnowww.mattklohs.com
To The Summit! (Strive for the Highest) Robert W SmithAlfred Music
Midnight on Main Street Brian BalmagesFJH Music Company
Tirana Carol BarnettBoosey & Hawkes
*Recalling the Stillness Matt Klohs www.mattklohs.com
Ikaruga Tetsunoske KushidaBravo Music
*The Hornets NestRalph Hultgren Brolga Music

Youth C Grade Concert

Syllabus of Set Works - Youth C Grade Concert

All works by an Australian composer/arranger have been marked with an *
Youth C Grade ConcertSet WorkComposer/ArrangerPublisher
The Cave You Fear Michael MarkowskiMarkowski Creative
Chasing Sunlight Cait NishimuraMurphy Music Press available through www.mattklohs.com
Heatherwood Portrait James BarnesSouthern Music Co
*Gypsies David Jones Brolga Music
*The Brave Brian Hogg Brolga Music
*Captain Thunderbolt Adrian Hallam Thorp Music
Sea Songs Ralph Vaughan Williams arr. Robert LongfieldBoosey & Hawkes
*Sunlight on Matilda Bay Alan Lourens Matt Klohs Music
Blueprints for Hope Katherine BergmanMurphy Music Press available through
Oracles of the Sirocco Robert SheldonAlfred Music
*The Butterfly (Roars) Claire Petherick www.mattklohs.com
Abracadabra Frank TichelliManhattan Beach Music
Old Churches Michael ColgrassHal Leonard
Safely Rest Nicole Puinnowww.mattklohs.com
Sea Shanty Saga (Full Band Version)Tyler Arcari Excelcia Music Publishing

Youth D Grade Concert

Syllabus of Set Works - Youth D Grade Concert

All works by an Australian composer/arranger are marked with an *
Youth D Grade ConcertSet WorksComposer/ArrangerPublisher
*Transylvanian DancesAdrian Hallam Thorp Music
*DanzonTim Ferrier Tim Ferrier Music
*Adventure to Empress Falls Alex Manton www.mattklohs.com
*The Ash Grove Kara Williams Matt Klohs Music
*Schaffers Old Time Dances Tim Ferrier Tim Ferrier Music
*Letter from Sado Jodie Blackshaw Hal Leonard
Pevensey Castle Robert SheldonC.L. Barnhouse Company
Variations on an English Folk Song (Young Band) Claude T SmithHal Leonard
Ancient Flower Yukiko NishimuraCarl Fischer
Reflections Cait NishimuraMurphy Music Press available through matt.klohs.com
*Space Quest Adrian Hallam Thorp Music
*Sci-FiTim Ferrier Tim Ferrier Music
*In the Hall of the Mountain King Edvard Grieg/Joan ThorpThorp Music
*Together in Spirit Martyn Hancock www.mattklohs.com
*Sail by the StarsTim Ferrier Tim Ferrier Music

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