2020 State Band Festival Online

2020 NSW State Band Festival Online


At the most recent Management Committee meeting, there was much discussion about the current state of play for bands across NSW. It was realised that with social distancing requirements and limits on the numbers of people allowed to gather together, the prospect of a band being in a position to have full rehearsals in the lead-up to the 2020 event is unlikely for most bands.

It was also pointed out that there are, and would continue to be, significant logistical and social distancing requirements that we would need to be managing in the venue as part of the current Covid19 world. With these additional requirements, combined with the challenging rehearsal scenarios for all of our bands, as well as being mindful of the varied demographics of our movement and the difficulties this can pose in a Covid19 environment, it was very quickly realised that a traditional State Band Championships was just not going to be possible for 2020.

We are, however, acutely aware that all of our bands are looking for a purpose for rehearsals and we hope that the changes detailed below will help provide that incentive to return, rehearse, engage and participate and get us all back and ready for a full year in 2021.

So, we have pivoted the whole event to an Online Festival, and we now introduce to you the 2020 NSW State Band Festival Online.

The changes are significant and designed to allow bands the flexibility to participate in whatever way they can, so please read through them all. Go to our new page 2020 NSW State Band Festival Online.


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