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BANSW and OneMusic Australia have launched the Associations Licence and it is available to all community bands who are BANSW members.


This licence will revolutionise the Licensing regime for community bands. It will cover your band for pretty much everything which a community band does (including photocopying for rehearsal, performance and preservation purposes, something which we have never previously been allowed). This licence represents a significant simplification, cost and time saving on your existing licences which all bands are required to hold in order to do what we do.

The licence program is now available for all community bands to become a part of as members of BANSW and in becoming part of this program, your band will become compliant with laws regarding the performance and playing of the copyrighted material.

If your band has an existing OneMusic Australia Licence and is wanting to join this program, OneMusic Australia will provide a pro-rata refund on your existing licence. If your band takes out a licence mid-year, a pro-rata licence fee will be applicable.

No forms to fill out, no need for multiple payments and multiple licences. All you need do is send BANSW an email expressing your interest in taking out a licence and remit the amount due as indicated on the listing below (Inc.GST) by bank transfer with your Band name noted on the transfer (most important), and we will then forward you your licence issued under the BANSW /OneMusic Australia Agreement.

The licence is to be renewed on the 1st March each year. Pro-rata and Annual fees from 01 March 2021 are as follows:

Start Month

Annual Amount
Mar-21 268.36
Apr-21 245.57
May-21 223.51
Jun-21 200.72
Jul-21 178.66
Aug-21 155.87
Sep-21 133.08
Oct-21 111.02
Nov-21 88.23
Dec-21 66.17
Jan-22 43.38
Feb-22 20.59


Please click here to view the information sheet for full details.