Registration with BANSW

There are various reasons why bands should choose to register with the Band Association of NSW (BANSW). For some bands, it is to compete, but it may be to take up one of the services that we provide for others.

Did you know that your registration fees assist the BANSW with covering costs for the following activities?


  • Operating the Association office
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Insurance Expenses and Financial Expenses
  • Subsidising Workshops
  • Contest Expenses
  • Production of our Bi-Monthly Journal

As a registered band, you have access to the following services:


New bands registering for the first time must complete an Application to Join the Association in addition to the registration documents listed below. Download all documentation from Rules and Forms. Registering with BANSW is easy and can be broken down into the following categories: Community Bands and School Bands. Alongside registering with the BANSW, we often receive questions about Incorporation, so we have a summary of this separate process on our Incorporation FAQs page.

Community Band Registrations


Registration with the Association is on an annual basis, with fees due at the beginning of the year. Existing members of the Association can commence renewing their membership from October for the following year. A band has up to 6 weeks before any National or State recognised Contest to register players.

For 2024, the Registration Fees are $135 for up to 10 players and then $13.50 per player after that. Bands can pay their fees via this website at our Online Shop

A reset listing ( as an online form ) of the community bands players able to re-register is available to Band Secretaries from October each year via the Band Login menu. In addition, band Secretaries can nominate the players for renewal on the online form.

New members (including transfers from other registered bands) are required to complete a registration voucher.

Upload of the summary of the registrations and any new registration vouchers is through the band login portal.

For assistance using the Band Login Portal, see the instructions in the Band Login menu. Contact the Registrar if you have any issues.

School Representative Bands & School Bands (Primary & High School)


A school student can register with a School Band, a Community Band and a School Representative Band run by the Department of Education. The 2024 School Band registration fee is $150 per year (incl GST). School Representative Bands will now be the same cost as a School Band.

School bands are encouraged to pay their registration fees quickly and easily with their school Pcard via our Online Shop. However, we will generate an invoice upon receipt of a purchase order.

If an existing band is not looking to compete in a contest in 2024, please advise the Association Secretary.

A student list should be submitted by the Band Administrator before the Contest (dates advised by the Contest Administrator). The authorised list should be signed by the Principal or Vice-Principal, confirming that students are all enrolled at the school. As per By-Law 11B, any updates to the student list for School and Representative bands can be completed within the 6 week period prior to a contest.