State Solo & Party Championships


**The 2021 NSW State Solo and Party Championships have now been rescheduled and moved online. We will announce and share the videos of the Solo Winners on Sunday, October 17 2021. No new entries are being accepted**


**With the current restrictions in Greater Sydney, all Party and Champion of Champions events will be postponed and will now be in conjunction with the 2021 State Band Championships in March 2022.**


**Soloists need to upload their solo video recordings by Friday, September 17 2021, using the upload box in the tab below**


Sunday October 17 2021

Winners Announced on BANSW Facebook

Winners’ Videos BANSW YouTube


2021 Solos Online Changes

We have moved all entries received for the State Solo Championships in June to the online event.


  • No new entries will be accepted.
  • All entrants will be emailed with an opt-out option.
  • Recordings should be for the same piece that you submitted for the adjudicators in June.
  • Open Brass should still play the test pieces advised.
  • If you did not submit your adjudicator copy in June, please upload this with your recording.
  • Don't forget that all competitors should provide (if requested) an original of the piece performed to confirm that they meet the APRA/AMCOS guidelines.
  • Submit your recordings no later than September 17. Remember to perform in your band uniform.
  • With Covid restrictions in Greater Sydney being unpredictable at this moment in time, we will be relaxing the rules around recordings.
  • All entrants will have the ability to choose whether their recording will be unaccompanied, accompanied (if restrictions ease or do not apply in your area) or by use of a backing track.
  • Complete your recordings in one take with no editing.
  • The Contest Supervisor will ensure that the recordings received have been submitted correctly and to ensure fairness in adjudication feedback regardless of the quality of the recording.
  • No points will be awarded, and only a winner will be chosen from each event.
  • A certificate will be awarded to each winner, and all competitors will receive feedback from the Adjudicator.
  • Plaques and medals prepared for the winners for the event in June will be made available for collection at the State Band Championships in Penrith in March 2022.
  • As a result of moving the event online, the entry fee will reduce to $15.
  • BANSW will be working with bands and entrants to offer either a full or partial refund.


2021 Solos Upload Box

Would you please use your name and event to name your video file?

Once you have selected the files to upload, please press the "Send File" button at the bottom of the form.

Video and File Upload Box: 




Above is the NEW information for the 2021 Online Solos.

Below is the OLD information for our traditional In-Venue Solos.


The State Solo & Party Championships is one of two major events hosted by BANSW.

Registered members of the Association have a choice of events to enter depending on age range. All events, except for Open Brass events, are own-choice. However, there may be some years when we may elect to set test selections for more events than Open Brass. Test selections are usually released in February each year.

Individual solo instrument winners in the open grades can then progress and compete in the Open Brass and Concert Champion of Champions events which are held separately at the State Band Championships in August.

In 2021, the State Solo and Party Championships will be at The McCaskill Music Centre, Barker College in Hornsby, just a short walk from Waitara railway station on the 26 & 27 June weekend. The closest school entrance to the McCaskill Music Centre is on The Avenue off Unwin Road.

Band members should notify their band secretary before the closing date. The band secretary is required to lodge all entries and arrange payment of entry fees. Entries will be accepted from 1 March 2021 and will close on 1 May 2021.

The entry form and instructions are found in the ‘Submitting Your Entry’ section of this page.

Before submitting an entry, both the member and the band secretary should review all information to ensure that all parties are aware of the terms and conditions of entry.

If you have any questions concerning the State Solo & Party Championships, don’t hesitate to contact our Contest Coordinator by email or send us a question using the contact form below.

Contest Details

Event Schedule and Time Limits

Here is the 2021 Solos and Ensembles Event Listing with time limits a registered member can enter.

All events, except for all Open Brass Solo Events, are your own choice.

Competitors should note that the room supervisors for own-choice events strictly monitor the time limits. 


When selecting appropriate music for each event, use the following as a guideline:

  • Under 15 (Juvenile) events – AMEB Grade 3 or better
  • Under 19 (Junior) events – AMEB Grade 5 or better
  • Open events – AMEB Grade 6 or better


Test Selections

We are pleased to present the 2021 NSW Test Piece Selections for the 2021 State Solo and Party Championships.

The test selection list applies to Open Brass solo events only.

Under 15 and 19 solo events will be considered 'Own Choice'.

If a competitor has any issues with ordering music, please ensure to let us know.


Brass Solos:

Brass Solos


All Other Solos:

Other Solos


Conditions of Entry

All Perpetual Trophies

  • Perpetual trophy holders from the previous year should return their trophy (engraved and in good condition) to the Band Association no later than 6 weeks before the contest.


  • There is to be no photography or video recording of performers during the Championships. An official photographer may be at the venue, depending on availability. You can only take photos once a performer has finished or at the time of results.


  • The Championships proceed according to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Band Association of NSW Inc., particularly By-Law 24, and the rules and conditions set out below or made by the Contest Committee during the Championships. You can view the Constitution and By-Laws.
  • The Championships will be under the control of the appointed Contest Supervisor.
  • A Room Supervisor is appointed to each room and is responsible for ensuring observation of contests rules.


  • Entrants must be registered members of either the Band Association of NSW Inc, an Australian State Association, or a National Association where an entrant is a resident outside Australia.
  • If an entrant turns 15 or 19 on the weekend of the contest, then they will need to go up a grade. An Under 15 player may enter an Under 15 (Juvenile) and/or Under 19 (Junior) solo event. An Under 15 player may enter an Open solo event only if they have previously won a State Championship solo event. An Under 19 player may enter an Under 19 and/or Open solo event.
  • The qualifying age for Veteran's Solo is 55.


  • It is a condition of entry that a player must wear their registered band's uniform.
  • Disqualification of a player can occur if they are not wearing the correct uniform.

Trophy Events

  • Trophy events have restricted entry criteria as follows:

Stewart Douglass Trophy: Slow Melody solo event for Under 15 players of any instrument.

Dora Simm Trophy: Jazz/Popular Music solo event for Under 15 players of any instrument.

Paul Cerezo Trophy: Slow Melody solo event for Under 19 players of any instrument.

Hansen Trophy: Jazz/Popular Music solo event for Under 19 players of any instrument.

Lisa Butcher Memorial Award: Jazz/Popular Music solo event for Open players of any instrument.

Presidents Shield: Slow Melody solo event for Open players of any instrument.


Slow Melody Guidelines

  • A purely melodic composition. No variations or cadenzas, or florid sections, e.g. continual bars of semiquavers. Tempo generally will not exceed 80 crotchets per minute.

Jazz/Popular Music Guidelines

  • Any solo from a specialist "Jazz Genre" or a "Jazz Standard" solos book inviting the soloist to approach the notated solos with freedom relative to the style/genre. 
  • Melodic embellishments and the inclusion of an improvised solo are encouraged.
  • Music selected should be consistent with the expected standards outlined for own choice music.

Percussion Events

  • Percussionists may enter single or multiple events within each age classification. Entry in two or more different age classifications will be considered as separate entries for each age class.
  • Piano Accompaniment is allowed for all Percussion events in line with other individual instrument events. Please note no backing music or singing is allowed as accompaniment or part of the performance for percussion events.
  • The percussion adjudicator is screened unless the adjudicator requests explicitly to be unscreened. We will notify entrants if this occurs.


  • We provided an official accompanist for each room. They are not permitted to move from one room to another, nor are they allowed to charge an entrant a fee to accompany them at the contest. Accompanists will charge a rehearsal fee of which will be confirmed by the accompanist at the time of booking. BANSW takes no responsibility for setting rehearsal fees.
  • Soloists may use their own accompanist at their own cost. However, if that accompanist is unavailable when the soloist is called on to perform, they must use the official accompanist.
  • Copies of music for accompanists must be bound, legible and in good condition. Using loose sheet music will not be accepted. If you would like your accompanist music back, please collect it from the accompanist after your performance. 

Draw for Playing Order

  • We will conduct a draw for each event before the contest and print this in the contest program. The draw for the Under 15 and 19 Champion of Champions events will be completed after all related individual solo events to confirm entrant numbers.
  • If the Contest Supervisor or Contest Administrator is unavailable, a Room Supervisor may permit a player to play out of order. The player will retain the draw number initially allocated in the program.

Legal Notice

It is a condition of entry into the contest venue that the Band Association of NSW Inc. and members of the Management Committee, volunteers and any official will not be legally liable for:

  • Any loss, damage, theft of any instrument or other valuables of any members of the public while attending the Championships.
  • Any assault, illness, injury, death or other circumstance arising during travel by a person to, from, or while attending the Championships.
  • The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to any person or persons to the contest venue facilities. An official may request a person to leave a performance room and or the contest venue if their behaviour is considered inappropriate.
  • In improper behaviour, illness, injury or death, the Management Committee reserves the right to call NSW Police and or Ambulance to the venue.
  • Any official, Volunteer or another person who witnesses, or becomes aware of, any act of bullying, the sexual or physical assault must report the occurrence to the Contest Supervisor, who will decide appropriate action.
  • Children under 16 years of age, who are unaccompanied by a parent or family member, must be accompanied by a person holding an approved WWCC and can provide the details for review upon request.

Submitting your entry

Entries to the NSW State Solo and Party Championships for 2021 are now open and will close on 1 May.


Band Secretaries should complete their entry using this entry form only. The entry form calculates the fees due and will list the total at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Please note how the multi-percussion events calculate. If assistance is required to complete the entry form, don't hesitate to contact the Contest Administrator. 

  • Entries will not be accepted after the closing date, 1 May.
  • We will send a confirmation of events entered for each band to band secretaries.
  • We expect that band secretaries will be responsible for collecting entry fees due from their members. Secretaries can pay for entries or request an invoice through our online shop
  • The Band Association of NSW Inc. or its representatives may decline an entry without giving a reason.
  • Entry forms can be submitted using the upload function below:

Entries Have Now Closed.

Event Entry Fees and Audience Tickets

Entry Fees for 2021 will be as follows:

  • Solo Events (per event): $35
  • Percussion events:
    • 1 event - $35
    • 2 events within the same grade - $50
    • 3 events within the same grade - $65
    • 4 events within the same grade - $75
  • Trophy Events/Duets/Trios: $35
  • Quartets and Small Ensembles (5-9): $45
  • Large Ensemble (10+): $55


Entry fees should be collated for all band members by your band secretary and then purchased in bulk through our Online Shop


The issuing of refunds will only be in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Management Committee.


Audience tickets will be available on the day of the Championships only (no pre-sales). Contactless payments may be available on the day, pending on internet connection strength.

  • Single Day Ticket: $10
  • 2 Day Ticket: $15
  • Concession Day Ticket: $8
  • Concession 2 Day Ticket: $12
  • Program: $5



Here is the timetable for the NSW State Solo and Party Championships.


2021 Solos Timetable


If you have a band member who entered into multiple events and believes that there may be a possible clash, please let the Contest Administrator know to review. 


Individual competitor times are not released. The competitor's responsibility is to monitor the progress of the rooms in which their event/s is to be. 


Competitors must complete registration for an event no later than 30 mins before the start of the event. 


All music for the adjudicator must have all bars numbered

Adjudicators and Accompanists

We have great pleasure in announcing the adjudicators and accompanists for 2021.



Accompanists 2021



David Kimpton:

David Kimpton is a percussionist and multi-instrumentalist who has had a long association with community bands in New South Wales. Originally growing up playing the Piano, David started to play Percussion in high school and later began to play the Trombone during his university years.
Having already spent some time playing in community orchestras, David’s first foray into the world of community bands came when he joined Waratah Brass in 2003. Since then, he has been a member of Willoughby Band, St Mary’s District Band, Central Coast Brass, Castle Hill RSL North West Wind Ensemble and North Shore Wind Symphony, and he has been a regular guest with many other bands in that time.

David has also been involved in community musical theatre on the Central Coast, playing a wide variety of shows on Percussion, Keyboards or Trombone.

Somehow even with all this, David still finds time to have a full-time job as a Train Driver with Sydney Trains and is a volunteer with the NSW Rail Museum helping to operate some of the heritage trains working around NSW.



Gregory van der Struik

Gregory van der Struik:

Gregory van der Struik enjoys a busy career as an orchestral and solo trombonist. He has held the position of Principal Trombone with the Opera Australia Orchestra since 1987 and has been active as a soloist and composer in Australia, China and Europe. He studied trombone with Geoffrey Bailey and Arthur Hubbard at the Sydney Conservatorium High School and graduated as an Associate of the State Conservatorium of Music (ASCM). Before his appointment as Principal Trombone, he undertook extensive freelance engagements with professional orchestras. He held Principal positions in the ABC Sinfonia (which he conducted in the Opera House), the Australian Youth Orchestra and the Sydney Youth Orchestra.


As a soloist, Greg has released and featured on several CDs which emanate from the Trombonis Australis Project, initiated in 1990 to develop and present an Australian contribution to the international brass repertoire. He has performed in Australia, Europe and Asia with ensembles such as the Orchestre de Picardie, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Royal Australian Air Force Air Command Band, Orchestre de Cuivres d'Amiens, Orchestre à Vent de Doullens, Le Brass Band Nord Pas de Calais, Gouds Symfonie Orkest, University of Newcastle Wind Orchestra and the Sydney Youth Orchestra. Greg has also addressed international conferences in Europe concerning the development of the Australian repertoire for brass. He has also been the author of numerous articles for journals in Australia and overseas. He has been active as an adjudicator at many competitions. He has been described by international trombonist and composer John Kenny "as one of the most interesting trombonists pushing for increased recognition of the trombone anywhere."


Greg is a part-time member of the Sydney Conservatorium's Brass Faculty. He has given masterclasses in Australia and overseas, including a period in 1998 as a guest lecturer in trombone at the Shanghai Conservatory. Later that year, Acting Head of Brass at the Sydney Conservatorium. Greg has been a founding member of the Early Brass Consort of Sydney and has been active in promoting Opera Australia Brass, which included a highly successful concert tour of China. His compositions have been performed in Australia and overseas at various international festivals by leading local and international performers. A recent work, Undercurrents, a work for ten trumpets commissioned by the International Trumpet Guild, will be premiered at next year's International Conference in the United States in May 2022.



Rowena Watts

Rowena Watts:

Sydney-born clarinettist Rowena Watts graduated with a Bachelor of Music Performance (First Class Honours) from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2008 and then completed a Master of Music (Performance) also at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. During her time at the Conservatorium, she studied with Mark Walton (OAM), Catherine McCorkill and Frank Celata. 


Rowena has been a full-time member of the NSW Police Concert Band since 2018 and was a member of the Sydney Symphony Fellowship program in both 2011 and 2012. She performs regularly as a freelance clarinettist with the Opera Australia Orchestra and Sydney Symphony Orchestra and as a session musician. Rowena has also worked with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria, Malaysian Symphony Orchestra and was a member of the  Les Miserables orchestra in the 2015 Cameron Mackintosh production in Sydney. She is also an active chamber musician, performing regularly with the Strelitzia Ensemble and the Sydney Reed Quintet.  



Brendan Collins

Brendan Collins:

Brendan Collins is currently the Chief Brass Examiner of NSW for the Australian Music Examinations Board and the Composer-in-residence at Barker College, Sydney. His compositions are frequently performed and recorded throughout the world by many leading international artists, and his music is broadcast regularly on ABC ClassicFM.


Australian composer and performer Brendan Collins grew up in the city of Newcastle (just north of Sydney). He later studied trombone and composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with Ron Prussing, Arthur Hubbard and George Golla. Collins won a scholarship to study in Los Angeles with Ralph Sauer, principal trombone of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

After 11 years as the associate principal trombone with Opera Australia, Brendan was appointed Composer-in-Residence at Barker College (Hornsby, NSW) in 2005, a position which he still holds. In this capacity, he has composed numerous works for a wide range of ensembles which have become very popular among Australia's finest musicians. He has been commissioned to compose music by many Australian and international artists. 


His complete works for trumpet was released on the CD 'Great Southern Land', recorded in the USA by soloist Phillip Chase Hawkins on the Navona label. Other works appear on CDs of Alex Wilson, Richard Stoelzel, Jeanell Carigan, Garrett Klein and Matthew Van Emmerik, which were recorded in Poland, Spain, the USA and Australia. 


In 2019 Collins' Concerto for Eb Soprano Cornet and Brass Band was commissioned and premiered by Chase Hawkins and the Lexington Brass Band at the National Trumpet Competition in Kentucky, USA. The premiere recording of the work was commissioned by the ABC and performed by soloist Chase Hawkins with the Pacific Brass under the direction of Ben Crocker. This recording was made possible with the support of the Band Association of NSW.


French trumpet soloist Clement Saunier commissioned a new work for solo trumpet and brass ensemble, which premiered in Paris in July 2019. Jose Chafer (Spain) and Slawomir Cichor (Poland) will perform Collins' Concerto for Two Trumpets with the Arthur Rubenstein Philharmonic Orchestra in Lodz, Poland. The concerto performed the work twice in December 2019. George Curran, Bass Trombonist of the New York Philharmonic, premiered Collins' 'Jose Suite' for bass trombone and piano at the International Trombone Festival in July 2019.


He has served as the composer-in-residence with the Sydney Youth Orchestra. In 2010, his composition for concert band, 'William of Orange March', won first prize in the NSW School Band Festival composition competition. Brendan's compositions are published by Warwick Music (UK), Hickman Music Editions (US), Northeastern Music Publications (US),, Middle C Publications and Kookaburra Music.




Garry Clarke

Garry Clarke:

Garry Clark is a highly respected name in music education and has played a central role in developing musical talent in the Hills Shire in New South Wales. He is a conductor, teacher, performer, administrator, mentor, advisor and more. Garry has dedicated his career to teaching young people to play and to understand music. He is a staunch promoter of the benefits of learning and performing music and devotes many hours to devising, producing and promoting performance opportunities for young musicians. Garry contributes his time and skill to professional musical bodies to promote music among the young people in the Hills.


As Music Director of Crestwood PS, Matthew Pearce PS and Kings Langley PS, Garry has developed a highly successful public school music program that many other schools have emulated. Garry's regularly wins awards and recognition at some of the most prestigious competitions and festivals in New South Wales. His bands have featured annually for at least the past ten years at concerts held at the Opera House and Sydney Town Hall and participating with great success in regional eisteddfods.


He is also the driving force behind The Hills Music Academy (HMA), a not-for-profit community band organisation with a strong sense of civic and community responsibility that develops and showcases musical talent of all ages in the Hills.

Garry graduated from high school with solid performance credentials and spent the next five years playing the clarinet with the Royal Australian Air Force Air Command Band. He studied clarinet with Graeme Chapman (Sydney), Mark Walton (Sydney Conservatorium) and Terence Stirzaker (Australian Opera & Ballet Orchestra).

Garry studied conducting with Dr Robert Rosen and Professor Jerry Nowak for many years. In 2005 and 2006, he participated in the Symphony Australia Conductor Development Program, working in 2005 with Graham Abbott and members of the MSO, and in 2006 working with Kenneth Young in Sydney.


Garry's instrumental skills have taken him to the highest levels of success in state and national competition. He has performed with the Australian Wind Orchestra and the Sydney Wind Orchestra. He has toured with these groups throughout Australia and the USA and has performed in New York's York'sie Hall and at the Mid-West Band and Orchestra Conference in Chicago.


He is Music Director of both the Blue Mountains Concert Band and the Blue Mountains Youth Band and occasionally performs with Blue Mountains Jazz Ensemble. He has performed regularly with The Occasional Performing Sinfonia (TOPS) and various ensembles, orchestras, musical societies and concert bands across Sydney. In addition to his leadership with Blue Mountains Concert Band, Garry is Musical Director of Hills Music Academy.


Garry is a member of the Australian Band & Orchestra Director's Association (ABODA) and has previously served as NSW and National President. He is the recipient of the ABODA Citation of Excellence, their highest award. He is a past member of the World Association of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles and a Board Member of the Asia and Pacific Band Director'sDirector'sation. Garry is a highly regarded musical director and has frequently been Staff Associate Conductor and Manager for the Jerry Nowak Conducting Summer School since 1995, and has presented a lecture in conducting for the Australian Society of Music Educators.


Garry is a regular contributor to the advisory boards for some of Sydney's prestigious music festivals and eisteddfods, including the New South Wales School Band Festival (SBF), now the Australian School Band and Orchestra Festival (ASBOF), and the Sydney Eisteddfod. He is one of the NSW School Band Festival Advisory Panel founding members and has adjudicated at the festival over the past few years. He is also an active member of the NSW Band Association, serving on their Music Selection Panel.

As a guest conductor, Garry has worked with the Pennant Hills H.S. and Turramurra P.S. Bands and has done casual stints with both the Australian Winds and Moriah College Music Camps. The SBF engaged him numerous times to guest conduct and workshop over ten Sydney ensembles and travel to Gosford and Wagga Wagga to workshop groups. Garry was also selected to conduct at the prestigious State Junior or Senior Music Camps in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010, organised by the Department of Education'sEducation'sming Arts Unit.


Garry has a Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Teaching degree from the University of New England in Armidale.


Equipment Supplied

We provide the music stands, and warm-up rooms will be available.


A grand piano will be available in all rooms where possible. If unavailable, there should be at a minimum an upright available.


For Percussion events, we will supply:

  • Drum Kit
  • Concert Snare Drum
  • Tympani
  • Xylophone/Glockenspiel/Vibraphone/5 Octave Marimba

Uploading Music and Checking In


  • The upload option for own choice music is now closed. There are still some competitors yet to provide their music. Please hand this in on the day. 
  • Adjudicators' music MUST NOT contain any distinguishing marks that may identify the competitor or the band they represent.
  • Competitors must hand Music for Accompanists directly to the accompanist. The Registration desk will not be taking in accompanist music on the day.



All competitors must check-in for each event in which they have entered at least 30 minutes before the event is due to commence. 

Performance Recordings

Adjudication recordings are online MP3 files.

The recording will be made available within a few hours of the announcement of event results.

Champion of Champions Events

An automatic invitation to compete in the Champion of Champions events goes to all winners of individual solo events in all grades. It occurs at the time of the announcement of the results of their section.

If competing, the invitee should notify the Room Registrar where the Champion of Champions event is being held of their intentions and provide their music. For example, if an invitee competes using the same piece that they played in the solo event, they will need to collect their music from the Contest Office to give to the Room Registrar.

The draws for each Champion of Champion event occur after all solo events that make up each Champion of Champion event.

The Open Champion of Champion event for both Brass and Concert will be contested on the Saturday afternoon at Barker College, after the Presidents Shield event.

Under 15 and 19 Champion of Champion events for Brass and Concert will be contested on Sunday afternoon at Barker College.


Volunteering is crucial in our community in being able to run a successful Championships. Without people volunteering their time and skills, we couldn't hold these events to the high degree that our members have come to expect.

We have a range of positions available:

Room Supervisors and Announcers

Room Registrars



Door Keepers

Ticket Sellers

Catering - morning/afternoon tea for volunteers and officials.


If you have some free time over the weekend, why not come along and help us out. All it will take is to complete the interest form below.


We provide our volunteers with heaps of drinks and snacks!
Advise us of anything you think we need to know to assist your volunteering experience.


Percussion Masterclass

After both the Under 15 and Under 19 percussion events, the adjudicator will hold a masterclass. Depending on interest, we will have an open percussion workshop that is open to non-competitors too. Look out for more information regarding this.

COVID-19 Safety Changes

**As a disclaimer, there may be some changes pending the relevant health advice at the time of the event.**

There are slight changes that we need to make to hold the event with the current COVID-19 restrictions that are in place. 

QR Check-In: This will apply to ALL persons entering Barker College regardless of whether you are a musician or an audience member. QR codes will be available from the Avenue Road Entrance and entrances to the venues. Everyone needs to be aware that BANSW can request you to provide evidence that you have checked in.

Spit Towel: Each musician must bring a spit towel to use in warm-up rooms and on stage. Room Supervisors will wipe down stands between performances.

COVID-19 Safety:

  • Hand sanitiser will be available on entry to all rooms,
  • Maintain social distancing where possible,
  • Audience numbers may be restricted to prevent overcrowding,
  • There may be untimetabled breaks to allow for the air to circulate in the rooms.