Conditions of Entry

All Bands entering the contest should make themselves familiar with the Band Association’s By-Laws relating to the conduct of contests. The By-Laws are on the Rule and Forms page of our website.

If you have any questions about the By-Laws and condition of entry, please get in touch with either the Contest Administrator or Association Secretary.


  1. The total aggregate points awarded for all items in all Grades or Divisions will determine The State Champion.
  2. A Sacred Item is a hymn, hymn arrangement, or work of a similar nature that encourages peace, reflection, celebration, and meditation. The Management Committee will review nominated sacred items and has the right to accept or refuse any music submitted as a Sacred Item.
  3. The Management Committee will draw for the playing order before the contest and advise bands upon completion.
  4. Open A and Open B Brass Grades will play their Set Work and Sacred Item/Hymn first and return to the stage to play their own-choice Selection. All other Brass and Concert Grades will play their items in one sitting.
  5. All bands must enter their official grade. Should a band choose to enter the grade above their official grade, they must apply to the Association before receiving entries. Different own-choice and sacred item selections are required by a band that chooses to enter two grades, and separate entry fees are payable.
  6. The NSW State Band Championships uses a standard percussion layout for the main percussion instruments for ALL on-stage band events (refer to percussion/stage seating plan for further details). The positions of large percussion equipment such as timpani, drum kit and tuned percussion must not change. Percussionists can move all other percussion equipment around these more oversized items. The ONLY exceptions will be for large concert bands where stage space is limited or where the score requires a specific percussion layout. These changes MUST be advised to the Contest Coordinator NO LATER THAN 2 WEEKS before the event. Bands should plan their rehearsals with the set percussion layout in mind.
  7. It is a condition of entry into the contest venue that the Band Association of NSW Inc. and members of the Management Committee, volunteers and any official will not be legally liable for
    1. Any loss, damage, theft of any instrument or other valuables of any member of the public while attending the Championships.
    2. Any assault, illness, injury, death or other circumstance arising during travel by someone to, from or while in attendance at the Championships.
    3. The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to any person to the contest venue facilities. An official may request a person to leave a performance room and or the contest venue if their behaviour is considered inappropriate.
    4. If improper behaviour, illness, injury or death occurs, the Management Committee reserves the right to call NSW Police and or Ambulance to the venue.
  8. Any official, volunteer, or other person who witnesses, or becomes aware of, any act of bullying, sexual discrimination, harassment or physical assault will report the occurrence to the Contest Supervisor, who will take appropriate action.
  9. Children under 16 years of age, who are unaccompanied by a parent or family member, must be accompanied by a person holding an approved WWCC and can provide the details for review upon request.
  10. If you have any questions concerning the State Band Championships, please contact the Contest Coordinator.