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You’ll be able to download a copy of the 2024 Solos Program by clicking on the above cover picture during the event when it becomes available.

NSW Solos & Party Championships


The NSW Solos & Party Championships is one of two major events hosted by the BANSW and is open to registered members of BANSW, an Australian State Association, or a National Association if they reside outside of Australia.

All events for 2024 will be OWN CHOICE. A listing of available events is located within the ‘Event Listing and Time Limits’ tab below.

All Champion of Champions events (including the Open event) will be held on the Solos weekend. The Open event will not be held on the Band Championships weekend.

In 2024, the NSW Solos & Party Championships are on 29 & 30 June at Barker College. 


Important Information


Before submitting an entry, the member and the band secretary should review all information to ensure that all parties know the terms and conditions of entry.

Your band secretary or any individual soloist may submit entries and make payment of entry fees. Entries will be accepted from 1 March 2024 and close on 3 May 2024. Competitors must upload their sheet music with bar numbers for adjudicators by 24 May 2024. Please do not load accompanist music, this must go directly to them.

The entry forms (one for solos and trophy events, the other for the party events) and instructions are in this page’s ‘Entry Forms’ tab below.

If you have questions concerning the NSW Solos & Party Championships, don’t hesitate to contact our Contest Coordinator by email or send us an inquiry using the contact form below.



Contest Questions

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Contest Details

All events in 2024 will be Own Choice.

Competitors should note that room supervisors will monitor the time limits for own choice events and may cut you short if you go over the limits.

When selecting appropriate music for each event, use the following as a guideline:

  • Under 15 events – AMEB Grade 3 or better
  • Under 19 events – AMEB Grade 5 or better
  • Open events – AMEB Grade 6 or better


Under 15 Solo Events

EventMusicDayTime Limit
Under 15 Cornets and FlugelOwn ChoiceSunday5
Under 15 TrumpetOwn ChoiceSunday5
Under 15 Tenor HornOwn ChoiceSunday5
Under 15 French HornOwn ChoiceSunday5
Under 15 Baritone and EuphoniumOwn ChoiceSunday5
Under 15 TrombonesOwn ChoiceSunday5
Under 15 TubasOwn ChoiceSunday5
Under 15 SaxophoneOwn ChoiceSunday5
Under 15 Flute & PiccoloOwn ChoiceSunday5
Under 15 ClarinetOwn ChoiceSunday5
Under 15 Double ReedOwn ChoiceSunday5


Under 19 Solo Events

EventMusicDayTime Limit
Under 19 Cornets and FlugelOwn ChoiceSunday8
Under 19 TrumpetOwn ChoiceSunday8
Under 19 Tenor HornOwn ChoiceSunday8
Under 19 French HornOwn ChoiceSunday8
Under 19 Baritone and EuphoniumOwn ChoiceSunday8
Under 19 TrombonesOwn ChoiceSunday8
Under 19 TubasOwn ChoiceSunday8
Under 19 SaxophoneOwn ChoiceSunday8
Under 19 Flute & PiccoloOwn ChoiceSunday8
Under 19 ClarinetOwn ChoiceSunday8
Under 19 Double ReedOwn ChoiceSunday8


Open Solo Events

EventMusicDayTime Limit
Open Soprano CornetOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open Bb CornetOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open TrumpetOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open Flugel HornOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open Tenor HornOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open French HornOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open BaritoneOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open EuphoniumOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open Bass Trombone Own ChoiceSaturday8
Open Tenor TromboneOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open High Tuba (EEb & F)Own ChoiceSaturday8
Open Low Tuba (BBb & C)Own ChoiceSaturday8
Open Flute & PiccoloOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open ClarinetOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open SaxophoneOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open Double ReedOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Veteran's SoloOwn ChoiceSaturday8


All Ages Percussion Events

EventMusicDayTime Limit
Under 15 Percussion - Snare DrumOwn ChoiceSaturday5
Under 15 Percussion - Mallet KeyboardOwn ChoiceSaturday5
Under 15 Percussion - Drum KitOwn ChoiceSaturday5
Under 15 Percussion - TimpaniOwn ChoiceSaturday5
Under 19 Percussion - Snare DrumOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Under 19 Percussion - Mallet KeyboardOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Under 19 Percussion - TimpaniOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Under 19 Percussion - Drum KitOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open Percussion - Snare DrumOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open Percussion - Mallet KeyboardOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open Percussion - TimpaniOwn ChoiceSaturday8
Open Percussion - Drum KitOwn ChoiceSaturday8


All Ages Trophy Events

Trophy EventsMusicDayTime Limit
Dora Simm Trophy (Under 15 Jazz)Own ChoiceSunday5
Stewart Douglass Trophy (Under 15 Slow Melody)Own ChoiceSunday5
The Hansen Trophy (Under 19 Jazz)Own ChoiceSunday5
Paul Cerezo Trophy (Under 19 Slow Melody)Own ChoiceSunday5
Lisa Butcher Memorial Award (Open Jazz)Own ChoiceSaturday5
Presidents Shield (Open Slow Melody)Own ChoiceSaturday5


All Ages Party Events

EventMusicDayTime Limit
Open DuetOwn ChoiceSaturday12
Open TrioOwn ChoiceSaturday12
Open QuartetOwn ChoiceSaturday12
Open Small Ensemble – (5-9 Players)Own ChoiceSaturday12
Open Large Ensemble – (10-20 Players)Own ChoiceSaturday12
Under 15 DuetOwn ChoiceSunday10
Under 15 TrioOwn ChoiceSunday10
Under 15 QuartetOwn ChoiceSunday10
Under 15 Small Ensemble – (5-9 Players)Own ChoiceSunday10
Under 15 Large Ensemble – (10-20 Players)Own ChoiceSunday10
Under 19 DuetOwn ChoiceSunday12
Under 19 TrioOwn ChoiceSunday12
Under 19 QuartetOwn ChoiceSunday12
Under 19 Small Ensemble - (5-9 Players)Own ChoiceSunday12
Under 19 Large Ensemble – (10-20 Players)Own ChoiceSunday12

Entries are now closed for 2024

Entries are now closed for 2024.

Entry Fees for 2024 are:

  • Any event (with the exception of percussion events) - $35 per event
  • Percussion events:
    • 1 event - $35
    • 2 events within the same grade - $50
    • 3 events within the same grade - $65
    • 4 events within the same grade - $75

The issuing of refunds will only be in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Audience tickets will be available on the day of the Championships only (no pre-sales). Contactless payments may be available on the day, pending on internet connection strength.

  • Single Day Ticket: $10
  • 2 Day Ticket: $15
  • Program: $5
  • Competitors in Uniform and Students under 16: Free

The timetable for the 2024 NSW Solos & Party Championships will be available about a month prior to the event.  Please check back here or look for the announcement on our Facebook page. 

 If you have a band member who entered multiple events and believes there may be a possible clash, please let the Contest Administrator know to review. 

 Individual competitor times are not released. The competitor's responsibility is to monitor the progress of the rooms in which their event/s is to be. 

 Competitors must complete registration for an event no later than 30 mins before the event starts.

Accompanists: TBA

Adjudicators: TBA

We provide the music stands, and warm-up rooms will be available.

 A grand piano will be available in all rooms where possible. If unavailable, there should be at a minimum an upright available.

 For Percussion events, we will supply:

  • Drum Kit
  • Concert Snare Drum
  • Timpani
  • Xylophone/Glockenspiel/Vibraphone/5 Octave Marimba

UPLOADING MUSIC - please use this link to upload your selections

  • Music uploads are due by 24 May 2024. If you are unable to upload it, please bring a printed copy with all bars numbers for the adjudicator on the day of the contest.
  • Adjudicators' music MUST NOT contain distinguishing marks that may identify the competitor or the band they represent.
  • All music for the adjudicator must have all bars numbered
  • Competitors are required to contact and provide the official accompanists with their music prior to the contest.


All competitors must check-in at the registration area for each event they have entered at least 30 minutes before the event is due to commence.

Adjudication recordings are online MP3 files.

These recordings will be made available within 24 hours of the conclusion of the Championships by way of an email to the competitor.