New Band Repertoire Reading & Resource Day Featured Works

The Band Association of NSW was delighted to have held the inaugural New Band Repertoire Reading & Resource Day.

The following is list of the works that have been featured at this event. The lists includes a mixture of grades which should be attractive to both beginner, intermediate and some of the more advanced bands.

If you missed out on this event, the below will show links where possible to directly order any of the featured works.

Price ListGradeSong TitleComposer/ArrangerPublisherAustralian weblink to music for sale
$110.002.510,000 HoursMooney/Smyers/Reynolds/Dillion/Bieber/Boyd Jason/arr. Victor LopezAlfred Music
$60.004+300 SquadronGregory Brian
$120.002.5A Song for PeaceChristina HussExcelcia Music
$100.002.5Adventure To Empress FallsAlex MantonMatt Klohs Music
$100.000.5Ant MarchEmma OlsenBrolga Music Publishing
$125.003.0Around The WorldSally Greenaway Matt Klohs Music
$80.000.5BBB (Beginner Band Blues)Tim RowlandHosenbugler Music
USD $70.001.5Bluey theme songJonathan Bush/Joan ThorpThorp Music
$80.000.5Breaking FreeTyler ArcariWingert Jones
$96.003.0Casino LocaleGreg PetersonTunesmith Solutions
$80.001.5Concerto For Egg ShakerNeille Williams Matt Klohs Music
$120.000.5Creep it RealChris M. BernotasAlfred Music
$130.003.5Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of DumbledoreHoward James Newton/Chris M. BernotasAlfred Music
$155.003.5FearlessCarol Brittin ChambersExcelcia Music
$120.002.0Forging DestinyPutnam, MatthewExcelcia Music
$120.003.0Freedoms HorizonPeter RatnikRatmuse P/L
$100.001.5Ghost Chase!Dupuis, JohnWingert Jones
$100.002.5Give Me Your HandDaughtrey, NathanC. Alan Publications
$120.001.0Go in PeaceEstes, LauraExcelcia Music Publishing
$128.002.0I Still Call Australia HomePeter Allen/Joan ThorpThorp Music
$120.002.0In This Beautiful PlaceOwens, WilliamWingert Jones
USD $75.002.5..into the blue stretch of light..Jodie BlackshawJodie Blackshaw
Price ListGradeSong TitleComposer/ArrangerPublisherAustralian weblink to music for sale
$100.002.0Into the UnknownPaul De CinqueBrolga Music Publishing
$120.003.0Obi DancingTania OwensBrolga Music Publishing
$100.001.0On a MissionAdam ArnoldBrolga Music Publishing
$40.003.0Regal CelebrationGraham LloydGraham Lloyd
$90.002.0RicorderemoTim RowlandHosenbugler Music
$100.001.5Rising WarriorTyler ArcariExcelcia Music
$90.001.0Round and RoundAnthony SusiC. Alan Publications
$100.002.5Sail By The StarsTim FerrierTim Ferrier Music
$145.003.0Sea Shanty SagaTyler ArcariExcelcia Music
$80.001.0Spirit Of The GameTim FerrierTim Ferrier Music
$158.003.0StarlightAdrian HallamThorp Music
$120.004.0TasmaniaDon Kay/Simon ReadeBrolga Music Publishing
$125.003.0The Butterfly (Roars)Claire Petherick Matt Klohs Music
$50.001.0The Invisible Band & The Magic is TRiangleRod
$218.004.5The March of Tim(e)Andrew Boysen Jr.KjosMusic Education retailers nationally
$95.002.5The Pines of the Appian WayOttorino Respighi/Michael StoryAlfred
$105.000.5Wizards of the WestO'Loughlin, SeanExcelcia Music Publishing
$158.003.0You're the VoiceAndy Qunta/Keith Reid/Maggie Ryder/Christopher Thompson/Joan ThorpThorp Music
$175.002.5Dance the Nightarr. Michael StoryBelwin Band
$125.001.5Primeval DanceBrian BalmagesAlfred Publishing
$1602.5New York, New York, Theme FromJohn Kander/Erik MoralesAlfred Publishing
Price ListGradeSong TitleComposer/ArrangerPublisherAustralian weblink to music for sale
NZD $24.00Grade 3A Music EverywhereGeorgina
$120.00A/B GradeAntipodean HenryAlan LourensMatt Klohs
$80.00Grade 4 or C/D gradeBlidworth 1599Fendall HillFendall
$75.00IntermediateBring a Torch Jack StampC Alan Publications
£43.00A-C BrassCramer StreetMark FordLake Music
$80.00Grade 0.5 - 1Debut Concert for Brass BandAdam ArnoldBrolga Music Publishing
$143.00Medium AdvancedFandango Joseph Turrin/Mark FreehC Alan Publications
$40.00Grade 4+Fanfare for FreedomGraham LloydGraham Lloyd
$100.00C/D gradeHalcyonTim MiddletonMatt Klohs
$50.00Grade 2.5Hare HuntingJared McCunnieJared
$128.00Medium AdvancedHill Called Vøerbjerg, TheMichael HalstensonC Alan Publications
$158.00Grade 3I Still Call Australia HomePeter Allen/Joan ThorpThorp
£41.00Junior C-DMajestiqueMark FordLake Music
$100.00Grade 3.5MB 100 Barrie GottBrolga Music Publishing
$130.00Grade 2.5New York 2;37amPeter RatnikDifem/Ratmuse P/
$30.00Grade 3Regal CelebrationGraham LloydGraham Lloyd
£41.00Junior D/TrainingREM SleepMark FordLake Music
$130.00Grade 2.5SarabandeJ.S.Bach/Peter RatnikDifem/Ratmuse P/
$90.00Grade 4+Strauss Salsa AmoriloRod
$100.00C GradeThe Butterfly (Roars) Claire Petherick/Paul De CinqueMatt Klohs
$100.00Youth/D GradeTogether in Spirit Martyn Hancock/Paul De CinqueMatt Klohs
£43.00A-B BrassWhitehorseMark FordLake Music
$90.00Grade 2With All Thy Might Ralph HultgrenBrolga Music Publishing